PaLM Conf Minutes 2020-September-09

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Name Email
Gunter Haroske
Mary Kennedy
Raj Dash
Rikki Merrick
Alessandro Sulis
Ralf Herzog
Francesca Vanzo
Megumi Kondo
Dan Rutz
Kevin Schap
David Beckman
Francesca Frexia
Jim Harrison
JD Nolen
Nick Haarselhorst
Francois Macary
Mikael Wintell
Filip Migom
John Hargett
Mandel Mickley

Next call is October 14, 2020

  • SET
    • EVN-4 codes –value set with example binding or do we want to make preferred and extensible?
      • We know we cannot come up with all the event reasons to cover, so cannot be a closed value set
      • HL70062 is user defined and has some descriptions for 01, 02, U etc – so we need to ensure that we have no conflicts with that
      • Or, we can define SET specific codes and make the value set extensible
      • If we use the example binding we could also show SCT as options
        • Decision: Make IHE specific codes in the format of IHE-SET-nn (numeric values)
        • Make it a flat list – do not try to build a hierarchy with the numbering
    • Next steps:
      • Alessandro to redesign EVN-4 table with IHE specific codes
      • Alessandro to send the updated version using new IHE supplement template
  • Digital Pathology White Paper
    • Will also be on IHE website – should not be a conflict
    • For publication in peer review journals depends on the target audience, which journals can be accessed freely – propose to send to Journal of Pathology Informatics (all on-line from Association of Pathology Informatics)
    • Action Item: Raj will format the paper, share the journal paperwork for the authors and submit paper for review to the editor and cc the list
  • CP#265 (
    • Correction of a typo in Vol 3 for XD-Lab in Notification Organizer (level 3 template) for reporting to public health
      • Error nullify – should be nullified
    • Motion to approve the CP – Riki Merrick, Mary Kennedy, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor:18
    • Action Item: Francois will update the wiki page accordingly and will be in next release of TF
    • Vote for approval of CP #265 for XD-LAB
    • Correction of typo for Notification Organizer from nullify to nullified
    • Motion approved unanimously
  • Next IHE PaLM F2F
    • Proposal: May/June 2021 in Ghent (Filip hosting) – possibly end of May
    • Check on HL7 working group meeting dates (May 22-28)
    • May 23-24 is a holiday in Belgium
    • Confirm proposed date on next call - May 31- June 1-2