PaLM Conf Minutes 2020-June-10

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Name Email
Gunter Haroske
Mary Kennedy
Raj Dash
Rikki Merrick
Alessandro Sulis
Megumi Kondo
Dan Rutz
Kevin Schap
David Beckman
Francesca Frexia
Francesca Vanzo
Francois Macary
Jim Harrison
Nick Haarselhorst
Nick Jones
Filip Migom
John Hargett

Next call is July 8, 2020

  • COVID – 19 updates
    • In US
      • HHS guidance:
      • Will expand ELR, will not replace eCR
      • Working on FAQ document with CDC (Riki)
    • France
      • Collecting COVID tests to the national – using LTW workflow inside hospitals
      • MIPS is central role in France as repository for the result (Cyberlab)
      • Using a QR code to scan that will tell you if you are close to someone who has been infected
    • Belgium
      • Created 3 new labs for VCOVID testing
      • MIPS built order entry mechanism into cloud-based system
      • Priority testing for elder living homes
      • Now adding private and university labs – sent to the central data gathering
        • Only using XML
    • Netherlands
      • Reused the HPV project platform
    • Iceland
      • Using order entry and result reporting using IHE LAB-1 and IHE LAB-3 – to national repository
    • Japan
      • Starting reporting/opening in small steps
  • Digital Pathology
    • DPIA version 1.1
      • DICOM mapping to be referenced in Appendix B / wiki page
      • Required transactions for image storage / commitment
        • Wanted to have this required to support interoperability between the PACS and the image acquisition actors
        • Do all actors have to set up RAD-10 / RAD-8
        • Store is just short
        • Commit is long term
        • Can use the same transactions for both
      • Display IDs – will continue to use SPM-31
        • This should be part of the DICOM meta-data and not in the message transactions
        • Goal was to be able to allow the pathologist to re-sort slides over the default sort order – how would that sort order be exchanged?
          • That should not be part of these transactions
          • David suggested to defer this to DICOM
          • Make this optional will help international implementations to communicate display order where the ID creation rules differ – need an example to submit the
          • Can use SPM-31 for this – these will be additional instances of the
      • Example for specimen UID
        • Do we need a DICOM style UID for this or also / only the LIS assigned Specimen ID; - Check with DICOM if this MUST be the DICOM format (Root and then extension)
        • Scanners that are producing DICOM images will create DICOM format UIDs
        • This must be unique for the specimen all the way to the order filler ID
        • The assigning authority should make it globally unique, as long as the ID is unique within the organization (plus the assigning authority)
      • Specimen data model work by Nick – any update?
        • Need guidance on the images on patients from David Clunie
        • Diagramming the workflow model for pathology
          • Procedure steps on specimen
            • Transforming a specimen (staining or removing parts) – have not looked at specimen event tracking (SET) – does that cover what happens to a specimen
            • If you make a major change to the specimen
              • Make a sub-specimen, which also change the original specimen
              • We need to have a digital audit trail on how the slide was created, because the original specimen is changed with the creation of the slide
              • Tissue processing is destructive in nature – so it cannot be redone; so you cannot go back to the step in the workflow performed earlier
              • We need a DICOM pathology model – the full audit trail needs to be taken care of – for all the images created around this as well as how the specimen were processed – each part needs to be mapped to the gross image
              • Each image needs to be mapped to the specimen it belongs to in the workflow
            • Need to figure out how to deal with study ID
            • We probably cannot use the series model in pathology
            • Slide stained – slide unstained – slide re-stained: the first stained slide does not exist anymore, so you would need clear audit trails with the timeframe of when it was available for scanning / image creation (currently using the barcode label of the physical slide – currently no way to compare the scans and when they were done, and why re-scan (example re-scan to ensure a specific area is in focus) -
          • Nick to reach out to Bruce Beckwith (CAP liaison to DICOM WG26)- send this to DICOM and bring this back to the profile if change is needed; take this out of DPIA
          • Need to be able to describe the pathology workflow, images attached to the specimen that are being changed
          • This will remain open issue
      • Next step: Raj to send to Mary Yungers
  • SET
    • Clean version has been shared with the group
      • Open issues spreadsheet
        • SET-8: tracking specimen processing (differentiate between change vs derived NEW specimen) – will the S50 message structure cover this one?
        • SET-9: Will need to compare to S50 to see, if this issue can also be covered by that
          • Making an event for each procedure step (succeeded or failed) = 1 message for each
            • Do we need to track all the aliquots? – 1 message per child specimen
            • We have a few simple attributes to track for each
          • Create examples of the processing steps and create an example message representation to see, if it can be covered:
            • Create unstained slide
            • HE staining
            • Aliquot
            • Centrifuging
          • Use the date-timestamp of the processing event to re-create the audit trail
    • Raj to provide examples
    • Will share the open issue spreadsheet for review
    • In next call should try to have all issues resolved
  • Next F2F in Ghent tentatively Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2020 – COVID-19 permitting
    • That may not work for Dan
    • Christmas markets in December?

Call adjourned at 10:16 AM CT