PaLM Conf Minutes 2019-October-09

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Name Email
Raj Dash
Gunter Haroke
Filip Migom
Francesca Vanzo
Mary Kennedy
Megumi Kondo
Francois Macary
Riki Merrick
Kevin Schap
Alessandro Sulis
Patrick Howorth
Eddie Albert
Francesca Frexia
Ian Gabriel
Dan Rutz

Next call is November 13, 2019

F2F Meeting

  • F2F meetings
    • For the original F2F meeting in November 2019 at the CAP office, not a lot of RSVP and travel expenses for 2019 were used up – apologies to those who planned to attend. In addition, the major topic was going to be SET, but the project leaders could not attend the meeting.
    • Next F2F location would be Europe
      • Options:
        • Add on to European Congress on Digital Pathology meeting in Portugal (Porto) May 13 – May 15
        • Find a half day for WGM26 joint meeting / or meet with DICOM on 12 in Porto and 13 and 14 in Gent? Or have WG26 meet us before they are on to Porto and do webEx.
      • Choice after discussion:
        • Group prefers meeting 3 days in Ghent, hosted by MIPS, in the May 11- 14 time frame, with a half day joint meeting with WG26 either physical or by web conf.
        • May 15th would be travel day to get to HL7 WGM is May 16 – 22 in San Antonio
        • Mary to find out from Norman, when WG26 would want to meet with us


  • Document is publishable with some clean up
    • Feedback showed that no specific changes needed – although there are still have some open issues to be checked
    • Agreed to publish as Supplement for Trial Implementation – will be available for European and Japanese Connectathon
    • What about for NA Connectathon? – registration just opened
    • Next Step:
      • Latest version to be submitted to Mary Jungers: IHE_PaLM_Suppl_TMA_Rev2.1_draft_FM_fm_RM.docx needs to be cleaned from comments
        • => Filip will prepare version to be published and will send it to Mary Jungers and cc: Dan and the Co-Chairs by end of next week
      • François will send the new profile to Eric Poiseau and his Gazelle team to build the validation tooling and provide test cases/scenario

Digital Pathology Workflow Image Acquisition


  • Have Vol 1 and Vol 2 documents ready for internal review, except:
    • Please review the version shared in August – specific question:
      • Preferred message structure for derived specimen
      • Feedback due by 11/1