PaLM Conf Minutes 2019-July-10

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Name Name
Megumi Kondo Alessandro Sulis
Raj Dash Francois Macary
Dan Rutz Kevin Schap
Filip Migom Gunter Haroske
Ralf Herzog Nick Hasselhorst
Riki Merrick Ian Gabriel
Ed Heierman


  • Trying to reduce the number of message structures; There are many similarities between the different events that can utilize the same structure
  • Still addressing comments from OO – added a new structure for unsuccessful specimen collection, but merged 47 and the old S50
  • New S50 for derived specimen – for tracking numerous processing step
  • Processing without derived specimen – just adding additive to the same container; staining the slide; identifiers don’t change, but the attribute of stain MUST still be changed, not sure that makes it a new specimen – for more discussion
  • If the container changes that is a derived specimen
  • Plan to vote on some of the points or all of the points on the next ballot call on 7/11; Close to a final change proposal


  • Filip sent it out for review
  • Added use cases to the document and explained the static message definition
  • Need to still define BPO table
  • Took the BTX table from v2.7 – for fields where we had discussion added PaLM definitions and interpretations
  • Have not yet built sample messages
  • What version of HL7 to use for TMA? V2.5.1 or V2.8.2 (requires use of PRT) – better stick to V2.5.1
  • Dan, Francois and Riki to review – naming of BTX-11 codes; barcode on its own including the flag (BTX-2)
  • Raj and Riki need to get together to make slides for Aug 22 – review on 8/14 call

DICOM IHE Image Acquisition Profile

Raj plans to have inbound message ready for review soon LCC

Next Face to Face Meeting

  • CAP headquarters: Nov 13 - 15