PaLM Conf Minutes 2019-Jan-09

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Name Name
Riki Merrick Alesandro Sulis
Raj Dash Francesca Frexia
Francois Macary JD Nolen
Kevin Schap D Moncusi
Mary Kennedy Nick Hasselhorst
Gunter Haroke Neil Robinson
Kondo Megumi Bruce Beckwith
Ian Gabriel Jim Harrison
Mikael Wintell Mario Villace
Francesca Vanzo


IHE PaLM Board Report update – Riki

Discussion of May F2F meeting in Tokyo – Francois/Megumi

  • The F2F meeting will be May 27-29, 2019 in Tokyo at the usual venue JAHIS HQ.
  • At least one full day of the meeting will be devoted to discussion of the digital pathology profile.
  • Mikael and Mary will poll the DICOM WG 26 and PaLM members respectively to gauge anticipated participation either in person or remotely.

LCC update – Riki/Jim

  • Bold textThe LCC was published for comment on December 31, 2018.
  • Comment period ends Feb 8, 2019
  • Jim Harrison wrote an introduction to the LCC that can be edited for use to both pathologists and non-pathologists.
  • The profile publication information was distributed to the API listserv.
  • Francois will edit the summary and send to the French pathologist association; Mary will send it to Nancy Cornish at the CDC; Riki will post it to HL7 O&O work group.
  • Will share on the Google Groups to raise interest of pathologists and obtain more comments.

Possible meeting with DICOM WG 26 at the European Congress on Digital Pathology

  • We have been invited to attend a joint meeting with DICOM WG 26 at the ECDP on April 10 in Warwick UK to continue work on the digital pathology profile.
  • Is there enough interest in PaLM for either remote or physical participation at the meeting?
  • Raj, Nick could attend in person; vendor participation is required. Francois will check to see if he can skip the part of the SNOMED business meeting conflicting with this date. Some members agreed to participate remotely.
  • Mikael will poll the vendors to see how many can participate.
  • Mary to send an email to Norman regarding our recruitment of vendors to the meeting.
  • There is a possibility to meet with DICOM WG26 at other meetings such as USCAP or ECDP.

SET update – Allesandro

  • SET order structure has been updated for profile messages based on comments from the PaLM December call.
  • There will be a discussion on it at the HL7 O&O next week. Riki will send a message to the group on when the discussion will occur – it is scheduled for Monday 9 – 10:30 AM CT

Digital Pathology profile update – Raj

  • Query and Broadcast mode are both needed
  • Discussion on whether LAB-82 needs to convey OBX segments or not. The answer is YES, but we have to further specify the content of the RESULT segment group: Metadata of the images, QA data? We’ll poll the scanner vendors to specify this content.