PaLM Conf Minutes 2019-Feb-20

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Recording/ Supporting Documents


Filip Migom Alesandro Sulis
Raj Dash Francesca Frexia
Francois Macary JD Nolen
Kevin Schap Sydney Fenkel
Mary Kennedy Nick Hasselhorst
Gunter Haroke Ashley Murgatroyd
John Leachman Bruce Beckwith
Mandel Mickley Jim Harrison
Nick Jones David Booker
Khushboo Agarwal David Beckman
Dan Rutz Mary Kennedy


The next IHE PaLM call will be March 13, 2019.

Digital Pathology Profile and White Paper

  • Raj requested that IHE PaLM, DICOM WG26 and HL7 Specimen working groups meet on an agreed upon call to continue the work on the Digital Pathology white paper and profile.
  • It was agreed that the three groups would continue the digital pathology work during the DICOM WG26 Tuesday calls set aside for this review. The weekly teleconferences will continue through April 16 on Tuesday at 9am US Central time. The GoToMeeting link fo the call is: JD will post this notice to the HL7 Specimen workgroup and Mary will post the information to the PaLM Google Groups.
  • There was feedback from Roche on the profile and recommended that a QC actor interact with the acquisition modality. It was agreed to leave it out of scope for the current profile,but add it to the white paper.
  • Raj reviewed the message structure created by Nick N. It is a minimum data set for a DICOM compliant image build (see below). Raj asks all to review the message structure.

IHE PaLM Table 2-20-2019.png

  • There was discussion on the use of controlled vocabularies such as SNOMED CT. IHE International will have a free SNOMED CT subset shortly, which contains concepts for specimens and containers, so this should ease adoption of the profile in countries, which are not yet part of SNOMED International. The proper (not too strong) binding strength will have to be assigned to the value sets.
  • The spreadsheet and profile draft will be included with the minutes. Raj will also post the files on for review. Make recommendations on spreadsheet and send to

TMA update

  • Dan still needs time before TI publication. Filip offered that MIPS can help Dan with this.


  • Jim discussed the comments received from the CAP; the LCC is an important component but would like to see a broader scope and not just related to lab orders/results.
  • Broadening it is out of the current scope but might be something to consider for a future extension of the profile or moving it to FHIR which has a Communication resource.


  • will be on a call with HL7 OO on March. The volume 2 edition is in progress.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05am US Central.