PaLM Conf Minutes 2019-December-11

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Name Email
Raj Dash
Riki Merrick
Francois Macary
Nick Haarselhorst
Kevin Schap
Filip Migom
Dan Rutz
David Beckman
Alessandro Sulis
Ralf Herzog
Ian Gabriel
John Hargot
Francesca Frexia
Francesca Vanzo
Laurent Lardin
Megumi Kondo
Nick Jones

Next call is January 8th, meeting invitations coming soon

DPIA Profile HL7 Version Verification

  • Working on publication; we will need to update the transaction diagrams to use v2.5.1 with pre-adoption of some v2.8.2
  • Have answered all of Mary Jungers questions
  • Francois to submit Gábor Garányi’s email comments as part of the formal public comments

Digital Pathology White Paper Publication

  • Set January 31 2020 as publication date

TMA Update

  • Has been built into Gazelle platform
  • Ready for Connectathon EU 2020
  • Need a team to fill in the forms for testing scenarios!
    • Google drive link to Gazelle Test Cases Template:
    • Dan to check and find practical examples and will fill in test scripts
    • Filip and Thibault will review their internal test scripts and add to Dan’s
    • Alessandro will review (Monitor for the event)
    • Due date: first pass January 8, final due Jan 31
    • MIPS will not be at the Connectathon

Mary will update the call calendar for 2020 and send out invites

PaLM Board Report

  • Megumi will forward Japan Connectathon numbers
  • Dan will forward TMA implementations
  • Remove LSH from trends
  • Update LAB-1 and LAB-3 to match LOI/LRI more closely
  • Transfusion Medicine – expand this suite to cover ordering and result reporting = LAB-1 and LAB-3 are being used in the real world for this and it is working, but should not document that, will work on this, when someone has time – review at next F2F meeting

SET Profile Review

  • We didn’t get many comments on the documents Alessandro sent on 11/25, looking for comments from people for the call on 1/8/2020

CP from Laurent

  • Got request to also add in CWE and CNE – this will require guidance when to choose these values over CE:
    • Suggestion was to allow use of only the first 6 elements, but use the indication in datatype name that a code comes from a vocabulary that accepts exceptions or not
    • Should not allow use of all 3 together
    • If we allow, should at least go to CWE.9/CNE.9 to include original text or maybe support for exchanging the value set OID (CWE. / CNE. )
    • It would need to be new profile option, because this is final text
    • This is now CLSI profile, so we don’t want to update that also
  • Motion to accept the proposal as written Riki, Raj Dash, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain: 3, in favor: 11

Call in Feb move to 19th, due to HL7 WGM being the week prior – will verify on January call

Call for proposals should go out 12/11 – responses needed by 1/31/2020, will decide which projects to work on our Feb call