PaLM Conf Minutes 2019-Apr-10

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Name Representing Member Type
Dan Hosseinzadeh PathCore DICOM CoChair
Mikael Wintell Vastra Gotalandsregionen (VGR) DICOM CoChair
Raj Dash CAP/PaLM PaLM CoChair
Riki Merrick APHL PaLM CoChair
Joachim Schmid Roche DICOM
Mandel Mickley Leica Biosystems DICOM
Nick Haarselhorst Philips DICOM
Bruce Beckwith CAP DICOM
Daniel Rutz Epic HL7
Liron Pantanowitz UPMC DICOM
Sean Nichols PathCore DICOM
Luiza Kowalczyk MITA/NEMA DICOM
Renata Coudry American Medical United Health Group DICOM
Wei-Chung Cheng U.S. FDA DICOM
Maysoun Kassem N/A DICOM




  • The goal of WG26 and IHE PaLM is to participate in the 2020 IHE connectathon with a digital pathology workflow. To achieve this goal, the current Digital Pathology Workflow Image Acquisition (DPW-IA) Profile Actors and Transactions Relationship document needs to be reviewed, completed and submitted for public comment by April 17th, 2019. In order to meet this deliverable, the collaborative group proposed the following schedule for meetings to identify issues and propose solutions:

Google drive link to IHE AP profile document:

Google drive link to profile diagram:

Google drive link to profile metadata spreadsheet:

  • The group discussed key concepts from the IHE technical framework for anatomic pathology and Dr. Raj Dash reviewed the AP workflow at Duke healthcare system.
  • The group reached a consensus that scope of the IAP profile will be limited to DICOM image generation. Scanner control features will be treated in the future as an optional component to the IAP profile. Modularity in the design of the profile is considered important for implementers. It was also discussed that a simple profile with optional components would accelerate the pace of adoption by allowing incremental development by vendors.
  • The Group reviewed and revised the proposal for LAB-80 and LAB-82 transactions. Consolidated all feedback and multiple documents shared over email and documented the result in Google Sheets, see links in agenda.
  • All interested parties should review and comment in the online document. This document will the basis of teleconferences leading to the the joint F2F meeting with IHE PaLM at ECDP, where we will continue to refine the transactions.
  • The F2F meeting for Pathology Visions which will be held in conjunction with a Connectathon (pending participation/interest from vendors)

Action Items:

  • All: Add edits to for the inbound and outbound codes (LAB-80, 81) to the revised spreadsheet prior to the next teleconference
    • Started reviewing the minimum set of metadata needed for the inbound transactions (LAB-80) on the proposed IHE IAP
    • The meeting was spent clarifying terminology (accession #, part ID, container ID, etc). which are needed when defining the HL7 transactions. The concept of AP data model and workflow was discussed in detail.
    • The group decided to, as much as possible, rely on definitions and data models which have already been defined for AP in DICOM Supp. 122 and the IHE Technical Framework for Anatomic Pathology. Group members should review these documents in order to leverage existing data models if appropriate.

Meeting Dates:

  • Teleconferences Tuesdays 9AM central time 3/26, 4/9
  • Wednesday April 10, 2019 University of Warwick, Coventry UK; in conjunction with the European Congress on Digital Pathology (ECDP) – meeting in conjunction with IHE PaLM and connectathon.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 16:00 EDST.

Submitted by Doug Murphy, Secretary

Reviewed by Luiza Kowalczyk, MITA/ DICOM Secretariat

Reviewed by Clark Silcox, Legal Counsel, April 16, 2019