PaLM Conf Minutes 2018-Sept.-08

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Recording available for download at HERE

Megumi Kondo Sakura Finetek Japan
JD Nolen
Kevin Schap CAP
Riki Merrick APHL/ Vernetzt LLC
Francesca Vanzo Arsenal IT
Francois Macary Phast
Kenichi Takahashi Hitachi High-Technologies
David Booker, MD FCAP CAP
Sabrina Krejci CAP
Dan Rutz EPIC
Raj Dash, MD FCAP CAP/Duke


First Hour Updates

F2F November meeting update (Francois)

  • Will be held at PHAST office: 25 Rue du Louvre, Paris
  • Spring/early summer meeting will be in Tokyo, Japan
  • Attendee list shows 13 in person; a few additional folks via phone (Dan might come, but for sure via the phone)

LCC update (Riki, Jim)

  • Riki still has not had a chance to add in the message structure for LAB-7 to update to the new HL7 message structure in v2.7
  • will then be posted for comment, since we made significant changes since the last for comment review
  • Jim will request review from more CAP folks
  • Jim will see, if he can help Riki out – THANK YOU!!!

Publication of APSR 2.1 (Francois)

  • Created in art décor and pubswiki – have been working through issues with creating the pdf version
  • It is the pilot process for this kind of publication process
  • We also had review by the BRIGD model group for harmonization of anatomic pathology reports and that resulted in the changes making APSR 2.1; the changes to BRIDG are in ballot at HL7 right now (till 9/24)

DICOM to Specimen DAM mapping update (Raj/Riki)

  • Comparing the DICOM Suppl 122 to the Specimen DAM
  • Tues 3 – 4 PM EDT on the HL7 specimen call:

Online Meeting Link: Online Meeting ID: ord OR Dial-in Number (United States): (515) 739-1430 Access Code: 294586

[Minutes are here: ]

  • Has PSS in HL7 moving through the process – currently at the Steering Division step
    • In case there are changes needed for the specimen DAM and subsequently the HL7 products like v2 messaging (or V3, CDA or FHIR), which we will use for the first digital pathology Workflow (DPW) profile
  • How much of this mapping needs to be completed in order to get the DPW completed?
    • Use case is the acquisition of the whole slide image (becomes a specimen)
    • Will need to define the actors for the DPW
    • Should also review SET in order to make sure it covers this
    • For the white paper we should know the gaps, but in the profile we would have to have the solutions to the gaps in the v2 messages

Digital Pathology white paper (Raj)

  • Philips has contributed the HL7 message definition a a starting point and will merge this into the paper
  • White paper has been updated with several of the diagrams from the last F2F
  • Also added transactions
  • Timeline will need to be adjusted – first draft was due for publication September 17 – new goal for group review by end of September
  • EncounterBased Workflow document (EBIW)
    • Capture transaction that occur with indirect orders from an encounter (image acquired as part of the normal workflow – example: digital image created as part of the overall macro review of the gross description – image would be part of the result
    • Now we know it exists, will keep in mind, if we find a use case in anatomic pathology

TMA – no progress at the moment  Call adjourned 9:37 AM EDT

Second Hour

  • SET message structure review (Alessandro) – cancelled due to the Scientific School Interoperability in Healthcare meeting in Pula, Italy 9/17 – 9/20