PaLM Conf Minutes 2018-Jan-10

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The recording for this meeting can be downloaded HERE


Francois Macary, Co-Chair Phast
Raj Dash, Co-Chair CAP
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretariat
Mary Kennedy CAP, secretariat
Daniel Mancusi Systelab
Francesca Frexia CRS4
George Birdsong CAP
Gunter Haroske IHE Germany
Joe Sirintrapun Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center/ CAP PERT Committee
Kenichi Takahashi Hitachi High-Tech
Mario Villace Roche
Megumi Kondo Sakura Finetek Japan
Philip Foulis CAP
Philipp Heinz Roche
Nick Jones MGH Harvard
David Clunie PixelMed/DICOM


Agenda Reviewed and adjusted for content


First Hour:

  • PaLM board report submitted tomorrow to the Board
  • Proposed dates for face to face meeting in Japan in November 2018, hosted by JAHIS :
    • November 12-14 is favored.
    • November 26-28 is too close to Thanksgiving.
  • Proposed dates for face to face meeting in Chicago, hosted by CAP :
    • June 18-20
  • APSR 2.0
    • migration to
    • working with IHE technical team to fine tune mediawiki
    • scheduled to publish as PDF end of January, but may be later
    • Gunter to add FHIR actors to Required Actors Grouping and group with Transactional Actors
    • check BRIDG model (from HL7+ISO+CDISC) against APSR 2.0 -> kickoff at the HL7 January WGM
      • Francois and Riki will be in attendance
  • Digital Pathology WP
    • We define the process (the work to de done and the actors needed to accomplish it), independently of the product architectures. Product vendors may have to make adaptations to their current products.
    • Review of the current draft together with Nick’s comments.
    • Raj will circulate the document requesting volunteers from the author list to adopt sections in their area of interest.
    • focusing on use case descriptions at this stage.
  • LSH -> next month, report from Roche
  • SET -> next month

Next Call: February 14, 2018