PaLM Conf Minutes 2018-Feb-28

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24 February, 2018            IHE PaLM Digital Pathology Special Meeting


The recording for this meeting can be downloaded here


Carolyn Knapik, CAP

Alessandro Sulis, CRS4

Daniel Rutz, EPIC

David Clunie, PixelMed

Dominik Gerber,

Francesca Frexia, CRS4

Francesca Vanzo, Artenal.IT

François Macary, Phast

Gunter Haroske

JD Nolen

Klaus Rattenhuber

Laurent Duval, Ventana (Roche)

Mario Villace, Roche

Mary Kennedy, CAP

Megumi Kondo,

Raj Dash, CAP, Duke



Actions related to announcement of future F2F: Helsinki meeting and CAP meeting :

  • Joint meeting with DICOM WG 26 on Digital Pathology - Helsinki, Finland
    • May 28 – 29, 2018:
      • 28 May  1pm - 6pm: PaLM (room 1)
      • 29 May  9am - 12pm: PaLM (room 1)
      • 29 May 2pm - 5 pm: joint meeting DICOM WG26 & PaLM (room 2)


  • PaLM F2F Meeting at CAP Headquarters – Northfield, IL, US
    • June 18 – 20, 2018


Review of use cases and assignment of contributors:

  • Hamamatsu Scanner Vendor Contact: Karl Weinbuch <>
  • Tumor boards definitely in scope, use case #8
  • Use Case #3: JD Nolen
  • Use case #4 - Laurent Duval
    • 3D presentation of the tumor
    • Use Case #5: Incorporation of Legacy Digital Images for Use in APW
      • TBD Contributor assigned:  Dan Rutz, JD Nolen, Anil Parwani
      • Use Case #6:
        • Raj Dash, Breast Biomarkers
        • Gunter will reach out to an individual in Philips involved in machine
        • learning / algorithm development
        • Dominik Gerber (Germany, research & frozen section telemicroscopy
        • software company, involved in algorithm development).
        • Use Case #9: Special studies / send out digital AP workflow (reference lab workflow in era of Digital Pathology)
        • Use Case New (#11): Management of Exceptions
          • Legacy glass slides with no barcodes
          • Slide scanners not able to digitize a glass slide