PaLM Conf Minutes 2018-Apr-04

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  • Alessandro Sulis
  • Francessca Vanzo
  • Nicholas Jones
  • Francesca CRS4 Frexia
  • JD Nolen
  • Jim Harrison
  • Francois Macary
  • Mandel Mickley
  • Mario Villace
  • Riki Merrick
  • Dan Rutz
  • David Clunie
  • Raj Dash
  • Gunter Haroske
  • Haarselhorst van den Goorbergh


Francois reviewed the agenda

  • For the IHE F2F in Helsinki in May – Mary checking to see if there is wifi; if so, a GoToMeeting will be set up if there is.
  • Chicago F2F – the logistics will be posted to the wiki; there are shuttles from the hotels to CAP; please RSVP if you plan on attending; there will be a GoToMeeting for the F2F
  • Next PaLM call will be rescheduled for May 23. The second hour will be used to discuss technical aspects of the digital pathology work.

DCC Update – SNOMED CT – IHE secretariat has reached back out to SNOMED International – Riki to review the list – Xavier sent a comparison to their organism list- some display name errors – those MUST be fixed; not matching the list – that is expected, because IHE PaLM is limited to reportable organism so far. We may have to reduce the subset to a smaller amount – so then we can use the prioritization to reduce the list, if needed

LCC update – please review for next call

SET update

  • Alessandro started a HL7 CR for new message structure
  • Created HL7 mapping – see excel file for review
  • HL7 has no deadlines for submission of Change requests
  • How will this map to FHIR? Considered FHIR as a message standard to be used for SET – decided to use v2.x instead, because it is an event oriented standard.
  • For new elements should be included in the FHIR resources
  • How will this map to DICOM supplement 121 = Specimen container model?
  • FHIR have something like container?
  • Only in the definitional resources for catalog – specimen definition covers some. FHIR still has no way to cover the container instance
  • SET has been using the specimen DAM – hope to get this published this month and then pick up work on FHIR
  • Also consider the BRIDG model for harmonization = Have ongoing work between BRIDG and IHE PaLM for APSR and Digital Pathology

Digital Pathology update

  • Wiki use cases have been updated. Need to focus on high level for descriptions so that non-technical people will understand the use cases. Have all use cases ready by next call.
  • Use the discussion tab to add any comments that will help us organize and discuss this.
  • We want to focus the technical aspects in Helsinki, so we want to gather as much info as possible – looking for solid paragraph for each use case.
  • For talk with WG26 focus on limited list of the use cases
  • Use case 0 = subpart for all slide scanner vendors to properly tag images that is applicable to ALL these use cases = LIS to scanner connectivity = mostly use case #3
  • Implementer eyeball to get feedback on use cases captured, but what is first logical deliverable to implement that applies to ALL use cases
  • EHR vendor is the workflow driver, so want to define the most important transactions on LIS side when using interface to image acquisition devices.
  • Dan and JD are starting to flush out some of the technical aspects.
  • The second hour of the next PaLM call will be devoted to looking at the technical aspects.