PaLM Conf Minutes 2017-Jun-21

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The recording for this meeting can be downloaded:


Francois Macary, Co-Chair Phast
Riki Merrick, Co-Chair APHL
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretariat
Aadli Abdul-Kareem
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Daniel Mancusi Systelab
Dan Rutz Epic
David Booker CAP
Francesca Frexia CRS4
Francesca Vanzo Arsenal IT
George Birdsong CAP
Gunter Haroske IHE Germany
James Harrison CAP
JD Nolen Cerner
Jurgen De Decker MIPS
Ken Takahashi JAHIS
Megumi Kondo Sakura Finetek Japan
Philip Foulis CAP
Raj Dash CAP
Ross Simpson CAP


Agenda Reviewed and adjusted for content


Review of the SNOMED CT codes for submission of free use

  • Need to provide a summary of each of the profiles that use the SCT codes in this set to SNOMED International
  • IHE Domains need to review and add to this subset (Eyecare and PaLM so far have done this)
  • Subset contains about 2000 concepts from PaLM
  • Had call with SCT representative and Chris Carr provided schedule for this subset based on the generated 2018 release of SNOMED CT International –  after Jan 2018
  • Riki will add an instruction tab to assist the other IHE domains in completing the spreadsheet


Review of IHE PaLM Webinar Slides

  • Presentation should be shortened in length
  • On slide #10, need to add in Blood Product Administration for new TMA profile
  • Move slide #40 forward in presentation-perhaps after slide #15
  • Need to update slides #28 and 31 for the latest on APSR


PaLM Schedule for 2017 Review

  • PaLM 8.0 about to be published (Mary Jungers is reviewing now). Expect publication by end of this week
  • 3 Supplements for public comments in September, comment period is the month of October, plus 1 white paper on structured data
  • F2F meeting in Sardinia Nov 13 – 15 – goal is to finalize comments on the supplements
  • White paper regarding the approach of handling digital pathology is scheduled for December
  • Trial Implementation supplements publication in Jan 2018


APSR 2.0:

  • Minor improvements thanks to Kai Heitman – cardinalities a=of data elements and value sets, basic structure has been fixed in content modules – on final stretch
  • Expect to test art décor publication into pdf end of July
  • APSR 2.0 is recommended standard for research universities who participate. Big push in Germany towards digitalization and interoperability is helping this effort
  • IHE has been recommended as the standards implementation for digitalization in Medicine to support interoperability
  • APSR 2.0 will be implemented in Germany. Gunter can get 1-2 vendors to implement
  • Still need to review the 2 APSR report examples. Please review and provide feedback via google group . The two example reports of APSR 2.0 broadcast months ago on our mailing list are also available for download on the PaLM domain “current activities” section:



  • Metadata for all events were added consisting of both Common Set and Detailed Events
  • Added the mapping to the specimen DAM elements
  • For collection, include link to placer order number, so the specimen can be linked to the order from which it was generated. For some collections may be good to have number of containers, but do not need for all – Raj and Francois suggested to not include this number, but rather to report the rank of the container for this specimen (second, third) at the time of collection
  • Event timestamp = related to event object – all of the metadata elements should also have a timestamp for auditing
  • Please review the detailed matrix prior to the July teleconference
  • Alessandro will share the word document of this mapping with the group – to replace the pdf that was previously distributed



Jim provided his feedback to Riki and she is working through it to update the draft supplement



Not much progress


Next call July 19, 2017