PaLM Conf Minutes 2017-Aug-9

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The recording for this meeting can be downloaded:


Francois Macary, Co-Chair Phast
Raj Dash, Co-Chair CAP
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretariat
Mary Kennedy CAP, secretariat
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Anna Orlova AHIMA
Dan Rutz Epic
Francesca Frexia CRS4
George Birdsong CAP
Ross Simpson CAP
Sandy Jones


Agenda Reviewed and adjusted for content

There will be no LSH, Data Element Dictionary, Digital Pathology, or Vendor Outreach updates today

Project Updates:


  • On track. All expectations from the base standard fulfilled. Should be published end of September.


  • The two example reports have been updated by Gunter and François based on reviewer’s feedback (special thanks to Riki)
  • The process of shaping the pdf supplement has been set in place by Kai Heitmann. The supplement will be handled to Mary Jungers on September 24th.
  • There  is still time for review. All materials available on the PaLM domain page.


  • Review of François’s comments on the metadata matrix and the content, and additional suggestions by the group :
    • Avoid talking about « specimen status » and focus on « specimen event »
    • Metadata adjusted for the « Specimen Collected » event
    • New event added : « Specimen Container Prepared » upon suggestion from Dan, and Raj. Alessandro will describe the metadata of this event, and share the updated version to the GoogleGroup and to Mary for forward to the CAP Biorepository committee for review.


  • Suggestion to add an event: “Care team ready to receive the blood product”. After discussion, this is decided to be part of the future “Dispense” profile.
  • Enhancements from the base standard will be discussed at next HL7 meeting in San Diego.

Other questions:

  • AHIMA use case about registration of a patient by the lab. Will be further discussed by Anna and François in San Diego.

Next call:

  • Postponed to September 20th, the week after HL7 WGM.
  • Agenda for this call:
    • TMA
    • Raj’s WP on Digital Pathology
    • Raj’s proposed material to enhance vendor outreach
    • LCC
    • SET
    • APSR