PaLM Conf Minutes 2016-Oct-12

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The recording for this meeting can be downloaded here:


Raj Dash, Co-Chair CAP
Riki Merrick, Co-Chair APHL
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretariat
Mary Kennedy CAP, secretariat
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Dan Rutz Epic
Dmytro Rud Roche
Francesca Frexia CRS4
Francesca Vanzo Arsenal IT
Gunter Haroske IHE Germany
James Harrison CAP
JD Nolen Cerner
Jurgen De Decker MIPS
Laurent Lardin bioMerieux
Megumi Kondo Sakura Finetek Japan


Agenda Review (suggest to move Riki’s topics up in the first hour)

1st hour

  • LCC, status of change requests to HL7 (Riki, Jim)
        • Reviewed 2 change requests (CRs) at the HL7 WGM in Baltimore in September
          • One CR was approved
          • One CR had question about using OBX instead of the REL segment. Riki could not find the original discussion to resolve. If you target the lab number in the OBX, then you would just be targeting the result, but we want the LCC broader than that, that is why we wanted to be able to form a relationship between any existing data identifier. This will be brought back to OO call for resolution next week
        • Timeline is to have the text for the LCC completed by end of this year
  • Harmonization IHE PaLM/HL7 IGs: update (Riki)
      • This was discussed at the HL7 WGM in Baltimore in September
      • Comparison between eDOS and the LCSD IHE profile as well as available FHIR resources (Francois)
      • Comparison between LRI and Lab transactions
      • LOI still needs to get updated to current version
      • All Lab Guides will be balloted in January cycle at HL7
  • APSR 2.0 profile, update (Gunter)
      • See slides File:APSR 20 20161012.pdf
      • There remains an open question about the specimen container (DAM has that info). We need to consider this as some LIS’s organize based on containers:
        • Add participant role to the procedure to represent the container information when we use Supply as class code? Please supply feedback.
      • Reviewing the RIM models for the 4 new templates built:
        • Specimen identified – linking function
        • TNM
        • Grading
        • Scale assessment
      • New value sets for:
        • Specimen collection procedures
        • Specimen treatment procedures which are drawn from DICOM. Is this allowed? Are there mappings between SCT and DICOM? We need to ask the radiology folks at HL7 or the DICOM WG contacts. Riki to forward the contacts (DICOM and HL7) and Gunter to word the question.
        • Containers need a code system to draw from. The goal is to discuss at F2F.
      • Need proof reading of wiki materials!
      • Need linking of Art Decor to wiki (Kai)
      • Need proof reading of value sets
      • Questions:
        • At what point do we manually model an example report using these templates (for example, as part of proof reading)?
        • Need ideas as to how best to identify the value sets
        • Annotations of slides – how should that be covered, or is that out of scope?
          • Have an embedded image template that has comments, annotations, and regions of interest identification
          • How does that relate to the DICOM element for this – should we use that?
          • APSR only has image, no specification of the type of image
      • Gunter will be at F2F via phone only
  • SET profile, update (Alessandro)
      • Looking at diagram for inter-organization transfer
        • Specimen re-identified by receiver
        • Specimen rejection
      • Looking at diagram for intra-organization transfer
        • Collection in different locations in the same organization
        • Specimen re-identified by receiver
        • Specimen rejection
      • Looking at diagram for intra-organization IVD (Bio-banking)
        • Still being reviewed based on the comments received
        • Use case #5 added to encompass Biobanking
      • Use case #6 Tracking for tissue specimen
        • Should grossing be considered as a special case of processing? OR does this step need a new name?
        • As long as it all can be tracked, grossing can be rolled into processing (roll step 5 into step 6)
  • Guide for microbiology ordering & reporting (Laurent)
      • Currently converting from French to English
      • Question as to whether Snomed CT codes can be published in the guide
        • Francois to inquire about this
        • Raj to push this forward at the IHTSDO meeting

2nd Hour – No topics this month