PaLM Conf Minutes 2016-Jun-08

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The recording for this meeting can be downloaded here


Francois Macary ASIP Sante
Sabrina Krejci CAP
Nick Haarselhorst Philips
James Harrison CAP
Raj Dash CAP
Riki Merrick APHL
Mary Kennedy CAP, secretariat
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Robert Lee Adams
Jurgen de Decker MIPS


Agenda Review


PaLM Googlegroup

  • Folks are still posting messages to Lab and AP googlegroups.
  • How can we make folks migrate over to PaLM googlegroup?
  • In the old groups no more new posts allowed going forward - only old posts are viewable and top of the page has notice on where to look.


Action Item review from F2F:  see PaLM Updated Action Items from Berlin_8June2016.docx

  • Francois added point about Vol 3 completion  - that document has been submitted for publication, expect by Jul 11, 2016, so available for the webinar, which is on July 28, 2016
  • APSR:
    • Francois and Gunther have determined the lasts document version – will now add changes agreed to from Paris F2F – started – add as review item for July call.
    • Will use this as basis for Art Décor development.
    • Raj reviewing how to capture the fact that there may be 2 performers (like a supervisor and a resident– not sure we can keep that information in the CDA; the role could be implicit in the person information – outside entities will know, if performer was attending etc.) – make performer 0..*, also how containers are organized – Raj can share sample reports to see how data will map to model.
    • Raj will use Clinical Informatics Standards and Resources Subcommittee (CISRS) in CAP to introduce this effort and request reviewers (June 23) – if we can define limited task we may get input (just not open ended) – will also share with French Society of Pathology.
    • Create value set and related answer lists as needed for anatomic pathology.
    • Have set up a first meeting of the authoring group for 6/16/2016 with JD Nolan.
    • CAP committee demonstrated the use of SDC is possible – Raj is working on white paper for next F2F meeting – this will follow on getting APSR into Art Décor.
    • Data Element Registry – Mary to get link from Rich to share.
    • Data element registry – Riki to send note to Chris about adding it.
  • HL7 CIMI and FHIR now working together to define data elements.
  • LSH profile is being worked on – some email discussion on how to address the rejected aspect – hopefully for next month John can present the updated supplement.
  • SET profile – no update so far.
    • Phase 1 = start with list of all events involved, then arrange Vol 1 and design the use cases more generally – update next month (planning with Francesca now).
  • Specimen DAM still being a work in progress – taking comments – Raj joined the BRIGD to DAM harmonization call last week.
  • Co-Chair elections:
    • No update from Naomi regarding what Japan wants to do about re-election.
  • Upcoming F2F:
    • November 7 – 9, 2016 in Northfield, IL – save the date note has been sent, CAP will provide more info on the agenda link.
    • Spring 2017 – Japan to send dates.
    • Fall 2017 – Sardinia most likely, else Paris as back up.
  • Carolyn is still working on remainder of the minutes – will upload the presentations to the wiki along with the minutes.
  • DICOM and the APW and what is the best path forward to coordinate the effort?
    • There may be some changes to the actors and transactions to the APW – so how do we set that up going forward?
    • The 3 first transactions of APW need to be completely aligned with LTW for clinician to the pathologist reporting – build a small profile for the future for those 3 transactions, the remainder will be about digital pathology and can be built from scratch – next step: use radiology as source as well as review proposed updates.
    • Recognized additional use cases at the F2F, because of some of the issues to deal with (patent issues, annotation and mark up issues, bandwidth of images, double staining issues, different types of magnification) – missing the mechanism of staying in touch and contribute to the work – we join their call on a regular basis or invite them to the second hour of our calls every second month. Mary to reach out to Mikael and Andre and make a plan.
    • IHE profile should be kept simple with ideally 2 actors and a few transactions between them – should not try to build too big of a profile – need to make that clear, as that will support vendor participation for connectathons
  • Mary will attend the IHE International Board call tomorrow.


No technical topics this meeting


Next call is July 13, 2016