PaLM Conf Minutes 2016-Jan-20

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Recording available for download at HERE


Francois Macary ASIP Sante
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretariat
Dmytro Rudd Roche
Ed Heierman Abbott
James Wulkan Beckman Coulter
Jim Harrison, MD, FCAP CAP
Raj Dash, MD, FCAP CAP
Riki Merrick APHL
Mary Kennedy CAP, secretariat
Megumi Kondo Sakwa Finetek
Benoit Denisselle Beckman Coulter
Anne-Gaelle Berge  
Charles Parisot  
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
Nick Haarselhorst Phillips
Daniel Rutz  
Francesca Vanzo Arsenal IT
Gunter Haroske  

Agenda link:


1st Hour

Agenda Review: Francois

PaLM updates (wiki, google groups) – Mary, Carolyn, Francois

  • PaLM domain – Welcome and Happy New Year!
  • PaLM google group invitation has been sent to Lab and AP – seems the invitations expire, so will need to re-send invitations to folks that have not yet accepted, but want to
  • Last year’s minutes will be moved to PaLM wiki, older minutes will be on the older wikis
  • Will keep the older wikis active for at least a year
  • Francois reviewed the wiki pages so far, but still need a couple of pages that need to be updated:
    • Profiles page: Need to add PaLM there and migrate the AP profiles to the location of the Lab files and rename Laboratory to Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – Sabrina will do that
    • Have a page for each profile, on each page should add a sentence that this profile is part of the PaLM domain and ensure remaining text is not referencing the older domain – Sabrina to do
    • Display roster on wiki page - add links to roster from PaLM, Planning Committee, and Technical Committee pages
    • Domain Milestone page has been updated – need to still add the proposed publication dates
  • pages:
    • Update with the TF for PaLM when we publish the merged documents
    • Need to update the domain page for PaLM – need to request that from Mary Jungers – note that AP and Lab have merged to form PaLM and add PaLM domain reference. Copy PaLM page to this location.
  • Call for proposals has been sent out yesterday – open till Feb 5, 2016 – proposal for new work or improvement of existing profiles

IHE Board Alternate

  • DCC call is once a month on 4th Tuesday of the month 10 – 11:30 AM ET – IF Riki cannot attend, send email to ALL co-chairs and secretary to find alternate
  • Mary attends as many of the board meetings as possible – second Thursday of the month from 9 – 10:30 AM CT – will send sometimes they set up additional calls and twice a year is F2F all day

F2F (Berlin) Agenda discussion May 23 – 25 joint with DICOM

  • Rooms have been reserved for May 23 – May 25
  • Joint DICOM on 5/25 3 – 5 PM Berlin time
  • Mary will send out a save the date to google group and start collecting topics:
    • PaLM TF first release – review prior to publication
    • LSH update
    • LCC update
    • IHE – US Lab guide harmonization project update< /li>

2nd Hour

LAW CP ballot - Carolyn

  • LAW CP ballot#2 passed with 7 votes – apologies for IHE housekeeping delays
  • All comments that were submitted need to be addressed and integrated into the CPs
  • Per Charles, both draft and final supplement should be delivered so that folks can compare

Integration of the CPs into the LAW supplement- Ed

  • Ed has reviewed all emails related to the voting, provided draft document of the updated supplement (document that listed the editorial changes in addition to the CPs to capture those) turn that editorial document into a CP adding a header and assign the next available number (251)
    • Ed will upload to the FTP site.
    • Laurent submitted a few more comments, Ed will add by end of day today (latest by end of this week). The final document will show ALL CHANGES tracked. Have committee review next week.
    • By end of today should have a supplement with all CP changes and editorials and update the final CPs to show that as well! This will provide a complete history but not require a vote.
  • FTP Server
    • All CPs are listed on the wiki page in the different stages with link to the FTP server for each document.
    • Update the Lab FTP site to PaLM domain
    • FTP site changes need to go through IHE – Francois will do this weekend
    • AP has a FTP area but seems inactive –
      • Only incoming from 2008; no CPs in the last 2 years; have 3 profiles in trial implementation
      • Freeze AP FTP site for historical record, ensure the name indicates that it is archived and add “See PaLM”
    • Where to place the draft version of the supplement for final review by the editors to be integrated in the PaLM TF? - in the supplement folder.
  • Can we announce the final publication of the LAW supplement in first week in February – aim for 2/5 with handoff to editors by 2/1/2016
    • Need to be sure that Mary Jungers knows these dates
    • We thought we needed to have the numbering already set up for the TF? That is not needed, publish as supplement and update later to the TF
    • Francois will send email to Mary Jungers with the request for speedy publication

Review of LAW Test Cases for 2016 NA Connectathon – Anne-Gaelle, Ed, Laurent

  • Laurent sent word document and spreadsheet with recommended changes to the test cases and Gazelle
    • Ed to forward to Anne Gaelle
    • She needs to have info so she can complete by Friday, since next week is NA Connectathon
  • How to handle options:
    • We no longer require MSH-21 to declare an option – document for each test case which options are allowable and require a manual check for each of the options
    • Or test case is generated for each option and vendor needs to indicate the test case that included this option. Documentation about what was exchanged, but make the test cases more generic
    • Documents need to get to Anne-Gaelle by COB tomorrow, she will update tooling based on that Friday, but can review Monday AM and adjust slightly, if needed
  • For NA Connectathon:
    • Monitor: Anne-Gaelle, maybe another person?
    • Francois will not attend the NA Connectathon


  • IHE World Summit June 7 – 8, 2016 in Amsterdam in association with eHealth week
  • Next PaLM call is 2/10/2016; 9 – 11 AM ET
    • LSH Deep Dive – John (rescheduled)