PaLM Conf Minutes 2016-Feb-10

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Recording available for download at HERE


Francois Macary ASIP Sante
Carolyn Knapik CAP, secretariat
Dmytro Rudd Roche
Ed Heierman Abbott
David de Mena  
Andre Huisman Medical PHIT
Raj Dash CAP
Riki Merrick APHL
Laurent Lardin BioMerieux
Mary Kennedy CAP, secretariat
Megumi Kondo Sakura Finetek
Naomi Ishii JAHIS
Benoit Denisselle Beckman Coulter
Anne-Gaelle Berge  
JD Nolen Cerner
Alessandro Sulis CRS4
John Murphy mTuitive
Daniel Rutz Epic
Francesca Frexia CRS4
Gunter Haroske IHE Germany

Agenda link:

Links to Materials from this teleconference:


1st Hour

Agenda Review: Francois

Report on LAW and connectathon report – move to end

Review of new work items:

House keeping:

    • PaLM Sponsorship: ASIP Santé replaced by Phast, wiki has been updated

    • Board meeting Feb 11 -> François attends

    • Completeness of updates of the wiki pages -> Sabrina (François to help). Goal: Next month.

    • Reminder: Next face to face meeting in Berlin May 23-25. Check the wiki.

Review of the 6 new work item proposals received (Riki)

1st goal is to give an idea to everybody of each proposal, check the resources available for the work items, see what items can be combined.

(See IHE Proposals for 2016.ppt for summary)

    • Specimen Event Tracking (SET) - Alessandro Sulis, main editor

    • From 2011 work on LBL (LAB-63, which is implemented in Italy and tested at Connectathon 2013) – proposed LAB-64
    • New profile, rather simple: A pair of actors and a transaction. Actors from other profiles (LTW, LBL, ...) will take on the role of the SET profile actors
    • Alessandro: editor
    • Need to collect all possible use cases - objects to be handled by this event tracking (specimen, aliquot, distribution center dealing with shipping manifest (packing list) for box of multiple specimens)

    • Structured Reporting (SR) - Raj Dash, lead editor

    • Rich proposal, which can end up in updating existing profiles and adding new ones
    • Creating a framework for content development
    • The same proposal was shared with the group at CAP that manages the eCC – applicable for other groups that develop clinical content
    • MUST include vendors that have interest in leveraging the ability for scalable content creation = vendor participation – looking for vendors to help
    • There seems to be A LOT of demand for this kind of work product at the moment to avoid translating between proprietary and possibly not so well defined data definition schemata
    • Epic tackling similar approach on localized scale for NAACCR profile for cancer reporting in CA
    • Some concerns about using the existing SDC standard, as that is currently research / public health focused, not primary clinical – that might need more adjustments
    • Consider splitting into multiple sub-projects
      • Data element definitions
      • Review of existing standards against the requirements to support the data element repository PLUS the business rule capture -> standard updates
      • --> First step might be writing a white paper to clearly identify the goal building
    • Also overlaps with the Lab Result representation proposal
    • JD: inter-operability challenges and intra-operability challenges – will contribute to the white paper (overlap with the FHIR Proposal = great benefits from this framework)
    • The WP will investigate the available standards

    • Representing lab results in patient summaries (François)

    • Use case of lab results in patient summary
      • Standard data element definitions with sufficient meta data that would allow EHR-S to be smart when summarizing data across time (example trending of HIV results that are numeric) to provide useful summaries
      • For Trillium II (Exchange between US and Europe), but also cross-border in Europe
    • Make part of the SR White Paper, and then, sub-project of it

    • APW for digital pathology - André Huisman

    • New release of APW
    • There are resources to work on it across both DICOM and IHE.
    • Let’s move forward on this one

    • RAD-16 Retrieve image modification - Marcial Garcia Rojo, David de Mena Garcia

    • PACs cannot currently store Whole Slide Images (WSI)
    • Evaluate if this can be applicable more broadly or if need a PaLM profile
    • Propose the improvement to the Radiology committee and incorporate into APW review proposal

    • SMART on FHIR with CDS hooks for AP (JD Nolen)

    • Change “AP” to “LAB”
    • Separate style from content
    • Combine with Raj’s white paper

The outcome of the review is 3 combined work items accepted:

    1) Future profile Specimen Event Tracking (SET),

      a. Alessandro Sulis as lead editor.

      b. Base standard: HL7 v2 messages + semantics to be investigated.

    2) White paper combining Raj’s “SR” proposal, François’ “lab results in patient summaries” proposal and JD’s “SMART on FHIR with CDS hooks for lab” proposal.

      a. Raj Dash as lead editor,

      b. JD and François as editors

      c. Potential collaboration with QRPH domain (SDC), and with HL7 (International Patient Summary), FHIR resources for lab results, CCDA templates …

    3) Digital pathology + zooming on a whole slide image tile, combining André Huisman’s proposal and David de Mena’s proposal

      a. André Huisman as lead editor

      b. Marcial and David as editors

      c. Potential collaboration with RAD domain

LAW 1.5, Connectathon, Conformity Assessment

• CAT: Eight vendors total, with two new vendors (Data Innovation, BioFire). Successful connectathon. Every system passed.

• Only 3 last changes proposed for LAW 1.5 from the connectathon testing. Discussions for SAC-15 and OBX-4 have been captured in the google group. The last one is about unit (OBX-6) with result as a string (OBX-2 is “ST”) and should be dropped unless there is a convincing example of an absolutely non-numeric result needing units.

• Need vendor participants (successfully tested at connectathon, with a commercially released version ready for conformity assessment) [Contact Anne-Gaëlle and Ed] for

  • Quality review end February needs vendor checking out the test cases and the results of the test simulator. bioMerieux is volunteer
  • Limited production, pilot testing, bioMerieux is volunteer à 1st conformity assessment with a reduced price 5,500 €. The official CAS test report will be published by IHE International.

• AUTO16 by CLSI (which is LAW 1.5) will be a proposed draft for vote in May, and final release end of year or early beginning of 2017. Aligned with PaLM TF to be released after the Berlin 2016 meeting.

Next call on March 9th, 2016

The 2nd hour should include “LSH deep dive” with John.