PaLM Conf Minutes 2016-Apr-06

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Recording available for download at HERE


Name Organization IHE Member? 6-Apr-2016
Alessandro Sulis CRS4 Y X
Andre Huisman Medical PHIT
Anne Gaelle Berge IHE Y
Anna Orlova APHA
Benoit Denisselle Beckman/Coulter X
Carolyn Knapik CAP Y X
Cecilia Mascia
Charles Parisot GE/Siemens Y
Christel Daniel AP-HP
Daniel Mancusi Systelab Y
Daniel Rutz Epic Y
David de Mena SAS X
David Escoffier Medasys
Dmytro Rud Roche Y X
Ed Heierman Abbott Y
Fabio Clemci Inpeco Y
Filip Migom MIPS Y
Francesca Frexia CRS4 Y X
Francesca Vanzo Arsenal IT Y
Francois Macary Phast Y X
Frank Oemig AGFA Y
Genichi Kato Shiga Hospital
Gunter Haroske IHE Germany Y X
James Wulkan Beckman/Coulter
Jeffrey Karp CAP Y
James Harrison CAP Y X
Joanna Selinsky Beckman/Coulter
John David Nolen Cerner Y X
John Hopson Abbott Y X
John Murphy mTuitive
Joost Van Averbeke MIPS Y
Jurgen De Decker MIPS Y X
Laurent Lardin BioMerieux Y
Luca Giachetti Inpeco Y
Mark Law mTuitive X
Mary Kennedy CAP Y X
Megumi Kondo Sakura Finetek Japan X
Mikael Wintell DICOM Y
Naomi Ishii JAHIS Y X
Nick Haarselhurst Philips Y
Raj Dash CAP Y X
Riki Merrick APHL/ Vernetzt LLC Y
Sandy Jones CDC Y
Thomas Schrader Brandenberg
Ward Lootens MIPS Y
Robert Adams VHA X


  • Housekeeping: Updates & checks on wiki, roster – Carolyn and Mary
    • PaLM roster is now available on the wiki at: <a href=""></a>
    • Teleconference recordings are now available via meeting minutes on the wiki
    • net domain page still lists AP and Lab which contain links to the obsolete google groups;
      • Mary and Carolyn to work on getting this resolved (deprecate AP and LAB) and replace with our new PaLM domain with correct information and links
      • Add this as a topic for Secretary and DCC meeting agendas for escalation
      • Sabrina to follow up with Mary Jungers and Chris Carr
    • Discussion on Structured Reporting / data capture / cross domain white paper – Raj Click here for MergedProposal_PALM_RFJ.docx
      • Where would we keep a data element repository?
        • IHE ?
        • csDSR ?
        • Create something new with global support?
        • Need a way to index the concepts we are going to capture as part of this profile.
      • What do we need to add to the German proposal to make it work for IHE ? What would we need to do in order to add a clinical path ?
      • Standards – can we develop a license with IHTSDO to be able to use SNOMED CT in all of the IHE profiles where it is currently used ? Chris Carr working on this currently.
      • Idea of a global registry ?
      • Raj to continue to develop ideas and white paper with JD and Francois
        • Google doc
        • Combine use case 6 with either use case 1 or 3
        • Focus on 3 use cases to move forward
          • JD recommends use cases 1, 2, and 3 while leveraging the German work and remove SMART for now.
          • Raj will post back to google docs
        • Francois mentioned that the white paper will bring the arguments and options that Raj had mentioned.
      • Estimated time allotment for F2F in Berlin : If we can complete three use cases and also have time to talk about the central registry, then :
        • 1 hour for use cases
        • 1 hour for data registry
      • We will use a core editing team for the doc shared in googleDoc
        • Others to review and comment
        • Mary will collate all edits
      • Discussion of Specimen Event Tracking (SET) – Alessandro Click here for SET Work in Progress Document
        • Four SET use cases emerging so far
          • Use case 1: specimen tracking around blood specimen collection
          • Use case 2: inter-organization specimen event tracking
          • Use case 3: intra-organization specimen event tracking – work area of lab
            • Potential overlap with LDA, LSH, LAW on specimen handoff
          • Use case 4: biobanking – will focus only on specimen event (not biobanking per se.)
            • Specimen archival not included-just high level of tracking
            • Additional profile needed for biobanking
          • Next Steps:
            • Complete LDA/LAW/LSH analysis
            • Collect documents for Biobank analysis
            • Remaining PaLM profiles/use cases analysis
            • First version of a SET proposal to be shared via Google group
              • Alessandro to share draft week of May 6th
            • Allocate 1.5 hours for SET discussion at Berlin F2F
          • Face to Face Meeting in Berlin, May 23 – 25, 2016 - Francois
          • LSH Follow-up and Review – John Hopson
            • October F2F (JAHIS)
              • Discussed LSH Wiki content
              • Discussed preliminary supplement content
              • Collected feedback
            • Update Wiki Content by May 16th (one week before F2F)
            • Preliminary LSH Supplement
              • Distribute by May 16th (one week before F2F)
              • Discuss at F2F
            • Contact Participants
              • Notify of activities and ask about participation
              • Possible Participation
                • Inpeco - Luca Giachetti
                • GLP - Sysmex partnership
                • A&T - Nobuyuki Chiba
                • Kiestra - (bought by Beckton Dickinson)  developing automation system for microbiology (plate movement)
                • Copan - also working on microbiology automation system (follow up with Laurent)
                • Hitachi-Hightech  - Naomi Ishii
                • Biomarieux - Laurent  (not sure of participation - scope change in product)
                • Roche - Dmytro
                • Beckman Coulter - Chris Barnes
                • Data Innovations - (Epic outsources instrument connections to DI now)
                • IHE Japan - Yoshimi Hirasawa - Co-Chair IHE-Lab - <a href=""></a>
                • Leica -
                • Cerner Robotics - JD Nolen
                • (contact other automation companies)
              • May 11 teleconference call is CANCELLED due to conflict with HL7 WGM in Montreal