PCD Technical Framework Volume 2 Issue List

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Changes for second ballot on "Final Text" version

2010-11-30 There is to be a second ballot on the Final Text version of Technical Framework Volume 2. This page is intended to collect the issues that have been raised in committee discussions and emails, and the proposed changes to respond to them.

If you want to add others, please give details in an email to the technical committee mailing list (ihepcdtech@googlegroups.com).

"Changes to draft Final Text version"
No. Description From Disposition Status
1 Clarify usage of EI and HD datatypes T. Cooper Pending
2 Put in proper increased HL7 v2.6 field widths (notes) S. Eaton Pending
3 Remove sentence “MSH-15 and MSH-16 fields have special considerations in PCD-03" which isn't relevant in Final Text because Enhanced Acknowledgments are not yet included in Final Text A. Englebert Pending
4 PCD should adopt convention that number of digits after decimal point implies precision, so trailing zeroes are meaningful and should not be arbitrarily dropped. M. Clark, P. Schluter Pending
5 Fix errors in table of Acknowledgment codes L. Surprenant, P. Schluter Pending
6 Cardinality of ERR RRG^O16 B. Lunde should be [0..1] Pending
7 PIV.44 (Admit Date/Time) - usage should be RE, not X, and cardinality should be [0..1] T. Bettis Pending
8 Table B.7-1 OBR Segment - Propose adding OBR.9 (Collection Volume) and OBR.10 (Collector Identifier) Nitin Kunte/John Garguilo See Nitin Kunte's email (Dec 15, 2010) Pending

Additional changes proposed for Trial Implementation version

In addition to the Final Text changes listed above, the following changes to material in the Trial Implementation version but not in the Final Text are listed here as errata and shall be applied in future versions of the Technical Framework.

"Future changes for Trial Implementation version"
No. Description From Disposition Status
1 Correct and clarify discussions of MSH-15 and MSH-16 acknowledgment codes L. Surprenant Pending

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