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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Regularly scheduled meeting of the PCD Technical Committee

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Weekly Tcons

Date: Every Wednesday, from Wednesday, November 7, 2007 to Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York )

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

  1. Review of minutes
  2. Update Action Items
  3. Review Public Comment Submissions
  4. Profile Status Updates / Plan Work & Schedule
  5. Prepare comments on HITSP Remote Monitoring
  6. IHE Webinars - Past & Future
  7. Other

Attachments / Materials

Minutes from previous meetings:


Action Items from the previous meeting:

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
44 Determine the status of standards development in the Health Industry Bar Code Council (HIBCC) Dr. Mun Jeff Secunda 7/9/2008 OPEN Dr. Mun to ask HIBCC if the EUI-64 identifier can be incorporated into messages and if HIBCC is open to collaboration with PCD. Todd & Paul to discuss GS1. Manny to contact Dr. Mun, copy Jeff Secunda.
57 Real Time Location Systems Ken Fuchs Paul Schluter, Todd Cooper, In Mun 7/9/2008 OPEN Todd to contact Ken for an update.
60 Update TF Todd 7/30/08 OPEN

61 Add ACK to SPD - Al will send Paul a suggestion and the update should be available the end of July. Paul Al Engelbert 7/24/08 OPEN Al will submit draft to Paul.
62 Incorporate Bar Coding into ADT implementations; which domain is responsible? Todd OPEN Todd take to IHE Cochairs.
64 Initiate ACM waveform transmission profile Todd OPEN Ken will take to ITI for advice



Chair/Host: Todd Cooper, Breakthrough Foundry, Inc.
Alex Beechie, Jon Blasingame, Todd Cooper, Robert Flanders, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, John Hotchkiss, Paul Schluter, Scott Zaffrin, Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair

Decisions/Issues: Approved


2 Approval of Minutes
- Chair
Status/Discussion: Additions to Item 4 of Discussion: announcement re CEN, Robert Flanders added to volunteers to work on the MWB to have sample messages to submit PCD HL7 profiles for registration.

Decisions/Issues: Approved with changes.


3 Action Items Review
- Chair
Status/Discussion: Announcements
  • Risk Management of Health Software: widely used by NHS in Britain and in EU – for software systems not deemed medical devices. NHS found quality issues that needed to be addressed. This will go as technical specification for ballot by CEN/ISO. When it goes to ballot, US will comment on document and discuss best way to go forward to find a way to reach a single approach within a few years.
  • IHE Webinars: Todd reminded the members of upcoming ITI webinars that may be of interest and that prior web presentations have been posted.
  • Reminder that the F2F will be in the Boston area on Oct. 21 - 23. Details to come.



4 Action Items
- Chair
Status/Discussion: Updates
  • Item 44: date changed
  • Item 57: roll this into MEM, close
  • Item 60: Todd located the .doc files is checking with Didi, Chris to be certain he has the same, latest version that went to them for conversion to PDF and posting. He will ask the IHE Cochairs if the format must be changed to the new format or can be left as is.
  • Item 61: No change.
  • Item 62: Clarification: Can consistency be achieved for bar coding across vendors, domains. Date now 7/23.
  • Item 64: Paul has an approach for reporting multiple numeric values, will be needed for next year’s cycle, moving date to Sept. Todd will check on prior submission to IHE cochairs.



5 Supplements: Update on Public Comment Review
- Supplement Champions
  • RTM: Comments from GE have been posted with Paul’s suggested recommendations. John Garguilo and Todd posted comments. There may be others. Comments will be addressed next Wednesday.
  • PIV: Todd, Scott indicated that PIV will address comments on Thursday.
  • ACM: Will meet again tomorrow (Thursday)



6 HITSP Remote Monitoring Public Comment Period is Open
- Todd
  • Response to the RMON public comment document – will schedule two webinars to define PCD’s response.



  • Manny will schedule.
7 Connectathon and NIST Test Tools
- John Garguilo
  • John updated the members on the recent meeting at NIST. Cypress, which is version 2 of Kudu, will not be available for the pre-Connectathon and Connectathon this year. :* Development will continue. The NIST link for more information is [see the PC minutes for the link]. Steve will need assistance from the domains to define requirements for a simulator to provide the partner for the vendor’s system.
  • NIST is interested in testing the then-current status of development with volunteers, perhaps at the Connectathon. For those interested, the link to GazellePIX-UseCase.PPT is a good place to start.
  • Todd suggested that PCD Wki pages for Test and Tools be used to provide links to NIST and other tools. John offered to place brief descriptions with links on these PCD pages.



  • Manny to put some history and links on these pages, including sample messages. Can include links to IHE pages or ftp site.

Next Meeting


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