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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Regularly Scheduled PCD Technical Committee Bi-weekly Meeting

WebEx Information

Topic: PCD Weekly Tcons
Date: Every Wednesday, from Wednesday, November 7, 2007 to Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York )
Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

  1. Review of minutes of the May 14 meeting (any others?)
  2. Update Action Items
  3. See minutes, below

Attachments / Materials

Minutes and Action Items

Minutes of the previous meeting can be found at http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_TC_2008-04-30 (after posting to the Wiki)

Action Items from the previous meeting:

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
44 Determine the status of standards development in the Health Industry Bar Code Council (HIBCC) Dr. Mun Jeff Secunda 4/23/2008 OPEN Dr. Mun to ask HIBCC if the EUI-64 identifier can be incorporated into messages and if HIBCC is open to collaboration with PCD. Todd & Paul to discuss GS1. Manny to contact Dr. Mun; attempt to include in F2F
46 4/23/2008 OPEN PCD Wiki to post profiles, other items for review by PCD and other domains. See minutes of 11/28/07. Radiology is the template. Need to update Wiki for DEC profile; will need to submit to TC215; Todd will coord with Bikram to post. On May 14: Todd will update, clarify links on ihe.net/pcd.
51 Develop comprehensive table of physiological parameter coding including units Jack, Paul, Todd Alex Beechie, Ken Fuchs, Bikram Day, John Rhoads 4/23/2008 OPEN Paul will provide an updated version.
57 Real Time Location Systems Ken Fuchs Paul Schluter, Todd Cooper, In Mun 4/23/2008 OPEN HL7 v3 RTLS in process and will be discussed as a project at the January San Antonio Meetings. Documents have been published. May need tutorial. Ballot closes 1/8/08.
60 Update TF Todd 4/30/08 OPEN

61 Add ACK message to SPD Paul OPEN
62 Incorporate Bar Coding into ADT implementations; which domain is responsible? Todd OPEN Will take to IHE Cochairs.
63 How best to address PCD message security? Ken Fuchs OPEN Ken will take to ITI for advice
64 Initiate ACM waveform transmission profile Todd OPEN


Chair/Host: Todd Cooper, Breakthrough Solutions Foundry, Inc.
Alex Beechie, Jon Blasingame, Todd Cooper, Al Engelbert, Ken Fuchs, William Furniss, John Garguilo, Peter Hendler, John Hotchkiss, Ken Marks, Monroe Patillo, John Rhoads, Jeff Rinda, Paul Schluter, Manny Furst


<Adjust table rows per meeting needs>
Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair

Decisions/Issues: Approved


2 Approval of Minutes
- Chair
  • Minutes of April 30 and the minutes of the F2F were approved, the latter with the addition of a NIST link and format, spelling corrections.
  • Minutes of the F2F, April 21-23, will be posted on the Wiki and available for comment there.

Decisions/Issues: Action(s):

3 Action Items Review
- Chair

Decisions/Issues: Deferred Action(s):

4 Supplement Updates
- Monroe, Jeff Rinda
  • Discussion of sending waveforms: will be included in this release, but not implemented for the 2009 Connectathon and Showcase. Those interested will see the pointer to this effort.
  • The ACM waveform issue will become a separate, optional profile for the next cycle. This will facilitate development of use cases and widen applicability.
  • ACM WG should complete the draft for release to public comment period.
  • Alarm semantics were not discussed last week in IEEE meeting. Issues remain.
  • Jeff reviewed PIV status. Changes suggested at the HL7 meeting were incorporated. The document is ready for vote.

Decisions/Issues: Action(s):

  • Todd will set the ACM up to address the waveform questions.
5 5. Rosetta Terminology Mapping
- Paul
  • Paul will distribute a near-final version of the RTM profile later today.
  • Roseta Terminology Mapping Supplement: This content profile will be released on its own.
  • A vote will be scheduled for next week’s special TC meeting.

Decisions/Issues: Action(s):

6 PCD SDO HL7 Coordination
- Todd


  • This type of summary table will be used to track issues, with the addition of a way to identify hot open issues and closed issues separately from the others.


7 7. PCD SDO IEEE EUI-64 OID Proposal
- Paul
  • Paul proposed defining an OID down to the EUI-64 level. The group viewed this favorably.

Decisions/Issues: Action(s):

  • Todd will update this Wiki page.

Next Meeting

Special meeting to vote on release for public comments of the Supplement on Wednesday, May 21 at 11 am, EDT through the usual access.

The next regularly scheduled meetings will be held following the AAMI meeting: A joint PC/TC meeting on June 4 and a TC meeting June 11.

Minutes were reviewed and approved on June 25, 2008. http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_TC_2008-06-25_Webex

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