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Given the charter of the PCD domain, many years or "cycles" of work will be required to address the device integration needs that have been identified. The Planning Committee has created and maintains a road map for when the group will address various areas.


Please post discussion topics to this page if you have questions about the roadmap or want to propose areas for the group to address.

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Working Documents

<current roadmap document & image> The Roadmaps are found at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Roadmap_and_Calendar/ with specific versions listed below.

2015-04-29 Roadmap
2014-04-02 Roadmap
2011-10-18 Roadmap and 2011-11-16 Roadmap notes
2011-05-10 Roadmap
2010-10-19 Roadmap
2009-10-05 Roadmap
2009-05-04 Roadmap
2008-04-21 Roadmap

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