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Meeting Purpose

IHE PCD Infusion Pump Working Group discussions.

WebEx Information

Topic: IHE PCD Infusion Pump WG

Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time: 14:00, Eastern Time (GMT -05:00, New York)

Duration: 60 Minutes'

Note: Specific web & phone information will be provided via e-mail to group members.

Contact Manny Furst for more information.

Proposed Agenda

1. Review today's Agenda
2. Review 2012.04.11 WebEx Discussion Notes
3. PCD F2F Agenda - From a Pump WG Perspective
4. Update on device specialization development:
- RTMMS Update
- Modeling / Document Update
- Mode / Status Discussion
5. Meeting Scheduling Post-PCD F2F
- None scheduled
- Standards Meetings @ Vancouver (May 6 - 18)
- Target DS "Public Comment" Publication by June 1

PCD Spring F2F Topics of Interest:

  • Pump Specific Discussions
- General update on DS efforts (RTMMS, ICSGenerator, Documents)
- (Summit #1) Public Comment Groups for DS docs? (AAMI committees, ACCE, etc.)
- (Summit #3) ADQ & Infusion Pumps?
- (Summit #4) Testing Process for DS profiles (NIST led); esp. with a mis-match of support from the “consumer” side
- (Summit #5) PCD transaction versioning, OID assignments, etc.
- (Summit #18) PCD transactions w/o patient identification
- …
  • Other discussions of high interest ...
- PCIM ... Phase 1
- "CMMS" Profile

Attachments / Materials

Discussion Notes

Chair/Host: Jeff Rinda (Hospira)
Participants: Todd Cooper (BSF), Paul Elletson (Smiths), Al Engelbert (B.Braun), Bill Hawley (IHC), Michael Kremliovsky (Hospira), Gary Mills (Hospira), John Rhoads (Philips), Paul Schluter (GE), Erin Sparnon (ECRI)

NOTE: Action Item Review updates have been posted directly to the Infusion Pump Action Items wiki page

Item Topic Discussion
1 Intro's & Agenda & Previous Discussion Notes Review
- Chair



2 PCD Spring F2F Agenda Review
- Todd
  • Pump attendees from this WebEx meeting include: Al, Erin, Jeff, Rhoads, Schluter, Elletson & Gary Mills (though this may be TBD)
  • Schedule Considerations:
- The published schedule does not have obvious agenda items related to pump topics; also, there are times when pump people can be present and when they will be pulled away ... per these discussion points:
> Schedule:
  • Thursday Morning - could add explicity pump topics
  • Friday Morning - could easily have significant pump discussions
  • For example, could move SCM to Thursday morning, and then start pump stuff Thursday Q4 and run into Friday morning
  • Erin will leave by Thursday noonish ... and is extremely important to the pump discussions
  • Jeff Rinda will also be out Wednesday A.M.
  • TC meetings start Wednesday NOON
- Todd will work with the TC co-chairs to adjust the schedule for explicit pump topic inclusion + maximal pump WG participation
  • Pump Related Discussions to be accounted for in the published agenda
- General update on DS efforts (RTMMS, ICSGenerator, Documents)
- From the Pump summit:
> (Summit #1) Public Comment Groups for DS docs? (AAMI committees, ACCE, etc.)
> (Summit #3) ADQ & Infusion Pumps?
> (Summit #4) Testing Process for DS profiles (NIST led); esp. with a mis-match of support from the “consumer” side
> (Summit #5) PCD transaction versioning, OID assignments, etc.
> (Summit #18) PCD transactions w/o patient identification
- Additional Topics
> Other?
> PCIM … Phase 1
> Device Communication Management (DCM) / “CMMS” profile



  • (Todd) Will work with the PCD TC Co-Chairs to update the agenda per the above discussion

3 Pump Mode & Status
- Todd

The group reviewed the proposed pump containment models that were presented last week (see the attached PowerPoint slides), followed by a general discussion about how to capture infusion pump Operational Mode & Status parameter values. The following major points were made during the discussion:

:* See Pump Containment / Operational Mode & Status Discussion Slides (r1) (PDF)

General discussion notes:

  • Question: Is this "programmed mode" or an operational "mode status" parameter?
> i.e., Mode = operator intent vs. status = actual device operation
> One perspective: hierarchical state machine - "mode" = state model & status = current state(s)
  • Proposal: Add tagging to current MDC_PUMP_MODE RefID to indicate _SETTING when appropriate?
  • (Cooper/Schluter) Should consider harmonizing this with vent mode specification ...
  • (Rinda) Should differentiate between Programmed Mode vs. Operational Mode
> Programmed Mode = primary, secondary, bolus, pca, concurrent (2 source / 1 delivery), etc.
> Operational Mode = what is happening at an instance in time (e.g., giving a bolus, infusing continuously, etc.)
- (Schluter) intended programmed mode vs. actual run-time mode
- (Elletson) programmeed "what is possible", operation "what is happening at the time of the report"
- (Schluter) pssobily add _ENABLED vs. _ACTUAL / _IS etc. to the RefID
  • May possibly have the same set of mode enumerations or may be different subsets


  • Define Two Mode Parameters and assign initial enumerations to the values
  • Define status as what is happening on the delivery channel (i.e., is fluid moving, paused, standby, etc.)


  • (Todd) Update and post the slide presentation (SEE ATTACHED TO THIS WIKI PAGE); factor discussion into the proposed terminology sets captured in RTMMS and ICSGenerator, as well as the infusion pump documentation.
4 Next Meeting
- Chair


  • Topics will include general updates on the infusion pump related PCD Technical Framework development activities.

May meeting dates will be: 2, 23 & 30

NOTE: After this meeting, John Rhoads circulated a Technical Framework development schedule that indicated all PCD TF supplements had to be submitted for Public Comment publication by May 21 IF they are to be considered for 2012 trial implementation and testing at the 2013 January connectathon in Chicago. This will be a major topic of discussion at the PCD Spring F2F next week!


  • (Todd) to update the wiki meeting information

Next Meeting

NOTE: Next Meeting will be held during the IHE PCD Spring Face-to-Face meetings

(Reviewed & approved by PCD Infusion Pump WG on <TBD>)

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