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Patient Care Device Domain

Meeting Purpose

Routine Meeting of the Planning Committee

WebEx Information

Topic: Patient Care Device Domain

Date: July 2, 2008

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -04:00, New York

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

  1. Introductions and Agenda Review
  2. Approval of Minutes
  3. Action Items
  4. Announcements: (a) Face to Face schedule Tu-Th Oct. 21-23, tentative location, (b) Google Groups questions: (1) do we need a combined PCD PC and TC list, (2) invitation to join ACM PC and/or ACM TC group.
  5. Update on NIST test tools projects; recent F2F

Attachments / Materials

Minutes for Approval: http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_PC_2008-05-21_Webex, http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_PC_2008-06-18_Webex

Action Items Brought Forward from June 18

No. Action Item Owner Participants Due Open/Closed Description/Update
41 Monitor FDA actions on Universal Device ID Jeff Secunda October 1, 2008 Open FDA announced that nothing will happen before the election.
44 Define relationship between IEEE standards and IHE profiles; the role of the PCD in determining this relationship. Todd Cooper July 2, 2008 Open IEEE MOU in limbo at IHE until HL7 MOU is finalized; it will be a template. Paul is concerned about permission for use of IEEE terms in Rosetta.
64 Vendor prioritization of additional systems for Showcase Todd Cooper Cochairs, Manny July 16, 2008 Open Todd updated document which will be folded into PCD domain governance document. Referred to PCD cochairs.
66 Analysis of Survey Results Ray July 30, 2008 Open Survey has closed.
68 Monitor HITSP and make the case for the PCD Remote Monitoring application. Todd Cooper Steve Staats, Paul Schluter July 2, 2008 Open Charles Parisot and Rick Cnossen have been present. Discussion continues with them. HITSP document will be released for public comment shortly. Todd suggested PCD schedule Webex sessions to develop a response. Paul suggested that PCD-01 could be a reasonable protocol. Paul, Todd to provide HITSP timeline and propose response process.
69 Recruit Champions for development of Profiles, e.g., document transfer Ken October 1, 2008 Open Extensions to ACM, waveform segments, MEM, PnP likely.
70 Coordinate 12 lead ECG effort with Cardiology domain Ray August 13, 2008 Open Depends upon Cardiology Domain's success in finding sponsors.
71 Recruit clinicians; develop novel ways, attend to their priorities and schedules Ken, Manny July 2, 2008 Open A few replies were recieved from Ken's email indicating nurses would not be able to participate in PC. Todd indicated that RTM ventilator WG has successfully recruited physicians. Profile development may be a reasonable initial focus for involvement and perhaps lead to further involvement in PCD. Questions remain about IP aspect of IHE membership. PCD needs to find a way for public participation in developing profile proposals and to clarify how to go beyond that in developing supplements. Need to schedule a webinar with Didi, Chris, IHE's IP attorney. PCD Cochairs to continue discussion. Paul had earlier suggested a booth at at ACC, other meetings. Liase with standards groups such as ASTM, professional societies.
72 Press releases as recruiting tool Manny June 4, 2008 Open Manny to send press releases, develop a list of possible newsletters. Manny requested suggestions for distribution. Paul suggested reaching out to professional organizations looking for common terminology. This and item 71 will be coordinated.


Chair/Host: Ken Fuchs, Draeger
Alex Beechie, Jon Blasingame, Bikram Day, Al Engelbert, Robert Flanders, Ken Fuchs, John Garuilo, Peter Hendler, Jeff Secunda, Jeff Rinda, Paul Schluter, Manny Furst


<Adjust table rows per meeting needs>
Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair



  • Approved with additions.
2 Approval of Minutes
- Chair


  • Minutes of May 25 and June 18 were approved.


  • Added announcement of CISCO's interest in ACM, update on NIST test tools.
3 Action Items Review
- Chair
  • #44 - RTM - Paul emphasized the need for IEEE to support the RTM effort in the future. One or two expert editors are needed and may be paid employees of some group/association or a collaborative effort among a number of companies. Paul believes this can become an ISO/IEEE standard. The need for promulgating and maintaining the RTM is increasing - e.g., Continua appears to be going in a different direction and lack of universal adoption will create problems. Paul will addres this in the RTM meeting which follows this one.
Peter and Paul discussed various ways to implement and provide access to the table. Peter referred to a tutorial that explains how to use Protege with the OWL plug-in. It uses a Pizza ontology but all of the principles are explained. http://www.co-ode.org/resources/tutorials/ProtegeOWLTutorial-p4.0.pdf
Ken noted that this level of coordination with IEEE or other group is outside the scope of this action item. He suggested that this become an agenda item for the cochairs tomorrow, addressing the question of where the continuation of this effort would lie.
  • #68 - Response to HITSP Remote Monitoring public comment period. Conference calls for review - need a due date for comments. Members were invited to participate.
  • #71 - Separate the IP issue from recruiting. Leave recruiting item, #71 with open date - will be ongoing
  • #72 - Will take another look on July 16.
  • #73 - Will hold the IP issue, new date July 16 and will be added to cochairs agenda for July 3.



  • #68 - Manny to remind members of the survey to set a time for discussing a response during the Remote Monitoring public comment period.
4 Announcements
- Ken, Manny
  • Face to Face schedule Tu-Th Oct. 21-23, tentative location is Boston area; other suggestions are welcome,
  • Google Groups questions:
(1) do we need a combined PCD PC and TC list? Members prefer a combined list (Google Group) for PC, TC.
(2) invitation to join ACM PC and/or ACM TC group was extended to members. Ken noted that CISCO expressed interest to him and he has forwarded this to Monroe. Ken asked about other companies. Alex will send contact information for Globestar.



  • Manny will contact Globestar.
5 NIST Test Tools for the IHE
- John Garguilo
  • John briefly described the recent two day meeting at NIST. He referred to notes of the meeting. These are found on the Twiki page for the Cypress/Gazelle work is:
Once there, click on the Topic “Meeting Agenda, Minutes, and Documents”.
On that page the recent (June 26-27 Face to Face at NIST) meeting notes (informal) are provided (http://collaborate.nist.gov/twiki-cypress/bin/view/Cypress/MeetingMinutesAndDocuments).
Below that under the “Documents and Presentations” section are the slides (named “GazellePIX-UseCase.ppt”).
John noted that it appears that the architectural components being worked on will NOT be in effect for this year’s IHE cycle (pre-connectathon, connectathon, and ending w/ HIMSS ’09). Having said that, Steve Moore (MIR), Eric Poiseau (INRIA – Europe), and Rob Snelick (NIST) would like to begin some preliminary, off-to-the-side testing work with domains and companies as the Cypress/Gazelle works advances.



  • John sent the above links following the meeting.

<Add links to discussion materials here for review before the meeting, or that are added during the discussion>


Next Meeting

The next Planning Committee meeting will be held on July 16 http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_PC_2008-07-16_Webex. Agenda items can be added on this page.

Minutes were approved July 16 http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=PCD_PC_2008-07-16_Webex

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