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NOTE: MEM-related wiki pages may be seen on the MEM wiki.


Note: Documents are available on the MEM White Paper ftp folder.

Background References

NOTE: Additional MEM documents are located on the main MEM wiki page

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Editorial Plan & Schedule


No. Decision Date Description
3 Complete Intro/Background Material 2009.03.13 -
3 Work on Subtopic sections 2009.03.20 -
3 Complete subtopic sections 2009.03.27 -
4 Complete Draft White Paper for HIMSS 2009.04.01 Complete the white paper for feedback at HIMSS
5 Complete White Paper 2009.07.01 Complete the white paper
5 Release v1.0 to PC and TC committees for review 2009.07.20 -
5 Release for Public Comment 2009.08.10 -
6 Resolve Public Comments 2009.09.28 ---


Action Items

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No. Action Item Owner Due Open/Closed Description/Update
1 Has SNMP ever been considered to handle events? ... 2009.10.05 Open .. 2009.xx.yy
1 ECRI Comments ... 2009.10.28 Open ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Profiles/MEM/WP/IHEMEMWhitePaper_ECRIComments_10282009.pdf 2009.xx.yy

Working Group Decisions

NOTE: These decisions are in addition to the action items listed above.

No. Decision Date Description
1 ... <wiki page for discussion session + date 2009.xx.yy> ...