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Background References

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Editorial Plan & Schedule


No. Decision Date Description
1 Release final version of whitepaper 2011.05.16 Incorporate all public review comments and submit to IHE for publication as final.
2 Complete New 2011 Work Item Proposal 2011.05.27 -
3 Complete current state of standards work 2011.08.01 -
4 Prioritize "low-hanging" fruit 2011.08.15 -
5 Submit detailed work item proposal 2011.09.01 -
6 Submit supplement for 30 day public comment 2012.05.01 -


  • [PCD MEM 2011-04-11]

Action Items

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No. Action Item Owner Due Open/Closed Description/Update

5 Recruit work group members ... 2011.07.01 Open Identify recruitment opportunities (AAMI 2011 conf, whitepaper publication, etc) -
4 Identify coordination points with 80001-1 work ... 2011.07.01 Open - -
3 Review current state of standards ... 2011.07.01 open Detailed evaluation of what standards exist for each item in the diagram. Which ones are implementable in medical devices? -
2 Public Comments Axel 2011.04.22 Completed Public review period ends 4/15. Axel will update document with all comments received by Friday and produce final version. Received email comments from NIST, will update document accordingly. Steve will ping 80001 folks for comments. 2011.05.16
1 Discussion of IT Management project proposal (2011 Work Item Proposal) ... 2011.04.18 Closed call participants will review and send comments and details by 4/15, Axel to produce next version by 4/21
  • in general the proposal is seen as a viable approach, focus should be on areas of opportunity and “low hanging fruits”
  • the goal would not be to develop new standards but to look at existing standards and how they could be applied to medical devices, as well as identify gaps where no standards exist today but could/should be developed
  • suggested to progress this proposal through one more iteration and add more detail across the board
  • areas of opportunity (top priority) could be:
    • asset management
    • wireless management (encryption, key management)

Working Group Decisions

NOTE: These decisions are in addition to the action items listed above.

No. Decision Date Description
1 ... <wiki page for discussion session + date 2009.xx.yy> ...