PCD MEM 2013-05-24

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Patient Care Device Domain - Medical Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Develop a Demonstration at AAMI 2013 conference to showcase messaging between devices, CMMS, alarm management/phones

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Comm and RTLS at AAMI

Date: Friday 5/24 at 2:00P EDT (NY Time)

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda

Verification of the Potential Demonstration Messaging

- Confirming:
B Braun to AwarePoint - PCD-10 start/pause or stop –
Hospira to AwarePoint - PCD-10 –
Hospira Location – Simulated display at AwarePoint –
B Braun and Hospira PCD-10 to EQ2 -
Philips Monitor PCD-04 to EQ2 -
Philips alarm system receiving alarm from a device, shown on monitor, phone
EQ2 will have a dummy location on display
Bob and April for phone messages

Handouts - Status Report

- Received from HIMSS

Posters - Status Report

- Suggestions for additional poster(s) if space is available

Messages To Be Conveyed to Visitors

Invitation/Heads Up to AAMI Exhibitors and Others (possibly modify for other profiles and vendor targets)


- Recruiting CMMS, RTLS Vendors
- Recruiting VA, ISOs, Others


AAMI14: Brainstorming

Next Meeting

- June 7 - Lessons Learned, Brainstorming AAMI14
- June 14 - Meet with Recruited Companies (Kick Off) - introduction to participants, orientation, discussion of meeting schedule


Chair: Manny Furst

Carlene Anteau, Al Engelbert, Monroe Pattillo, Paul Sherman, Jim Smith, Manny Furst


Manny reviewed the agenda and attachments in the email sent in advance of the meeting.


- Manny noted the VIPs anticipated at the booth: Sandy Weininger (FDA), Joyce Sensmeier and Lippett, Jr (HIMSS). Mike McDonald (VA) has accepted our invitation to stop by the booth. Later in the meeting Monroe suggested reaching out to purchasing managers. Jim suggested targeting the GPOs and the major organizations (e.g., Kaiser). Jim added that the FDA UDI effort (traceability) for products beyond medical devices is of interest to these people and that providing useful information will help gain their attention. Manny to ask Carol Davis-Smith (Kaiser) to stop by the booth.

Communicating Consistent Messages:

- Jim Smith led discussion of the message we want visitors to receive, i.e., take away, from the PCD demonstrations. There will be various categories of visitors to the booth, including biomeds, vendors (including CMMS, RTLS). He suggested that the primary categories are manufacturers and end users. Monroe suggested that end users will be the biomed types and clinicians. Monroe that some will be tasked with solving a problem. Jim’s list included questions directed at one or more of the groups. He added that the Secretary of Defense promised a plan for interoperability of their EMR with that of the VA, but the statement implied it would be a simple solution.


- With the QR code on posters the question arose – how will the visitor find the information on a specific poster and the location for more information. Manny: Add readme document leading to handbook, other sites.

Setup: Reminder to bring long Ethernet cables (> 12 feet), a power strip and extension cord.

Recruiting (see above)

- Recruiting CMMS, RTLS Vendors
- Recruiting VA, ISOs, Others

Next Meeting

- June 7 - Lessons Learned, Brainstorming AAMI14
- June 14 - Introduction and organization for profile development

Next Meeting

Friday June 7, 2 PM Eastern (NY Time) PCD MEM 2013-06-07

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