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Patient Care Device Domain - Medial Equipment Management Working Group

Meeting Purpose

Develop a Demonstration at AAMI 2013 conference to showcase messaging between devices, CMMS, alarm management/phones

Meeting Information

Topic: PCD Device Comm at AAMI

Date: Friday 4/05 at 2:00P EDT (NY Time)

Duration: 60 minutes

Proposed Agenda

  1. Review minutes and action items
  2. Discuss use cases/story boards


Chair: Steve Merritt (Baystate Health)
Steve Merritt (Baystate Health)
Al Engelbert (B Braun)
Bob Gold (Philips, Event Management)
Carla Gallegos (VP, National Accounts Awarepoint)
Jim Smith (EQ2)
Bryan Tamke (Cerner)
Monroe Patillo (PHI, LLC)
John Garguilo(NIST)
Manny Furst (Improvement Technologies, LLC)
John Rhoads (Philips)
Paul Sherman (VA)
Rob Rawlins (Covidien)


Discussion of a convenient time for future meetings revealed that 2 pm ET was preferred.
Device Utilization presentation by Jim Smith
- Measure device utilization by having systems exchange the neccesary information to know how much a given device is actually leveraged. He described this as the priority, indicating that the pumps already send this information (e.g., start and stop infusions). He emphasized the attraction this would have to hospital executives and explored other benefits, indicating that MTBF won’t be accurate until utilization is included in the analysis, and added that the government is looking at utilization as part of future reimbursement issues. Jim also noted that AwarePoint is employed at Baystate.
- Carla added that AwarePoint already has applications that associate pumps with patients as well as utilization. This has been implemented with Hospira and is working with others. She noted that when she was at Kaiser she very effectively used utilization data when contracting maintenance contracts, making purchase decisions, managing their resource allocation.
- B Braun can send start/stop infusion times
- Covidien can send alarm data (low battery)
- Patient to device association
- May be opportunities to show some sort of HL7 messaging, may even be DEC or ACM compliant
- Participants will take some sample messages offline to see how easy it would be implement for AAMI conference
- Manny to create ftp folder for development work
Suggested use cases:
- Device utilization
- Technical Alarms
Systems volunteering
- EQ2 CMMS - (device condition from B Braun, Covidien; possibly location)
- Covidien - Pulse Ox (self-test failure? alarms to the AM and to CMMS, utilization)
- B Braun - Infusion Pump (battery?, utilization)
- Awarepoint - Location system (utilization from B Braun, Covidien and sending to EQ2)
- Philips - Event Management (ACM profile device alarm to phone)
- Philips - Physiologic Monitor (Device condition)
- Cerner - Pump programming (not directly related to this portion of the AAMI demonstration)
Jim noted that one of the messages we communicate should be the collaboration among vendors to achieve interoperability.
- Develop use cases and storyboard
- Develop messaging to show the solutions
- Develop posters for demonstration
- Consider handouts
- Collect sample messages; Manny to establish an ftp folder
- Manny to establish, send a contact list, email addresses, phone numbers

Next Meeting

Friday 4/12 3PM Easter (NY Time)

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