PCD MEM 2012-08-06 Webex

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Minutes of PCD MEM meeting 2012-08-06

Reference material:

[Summary of July 2012 Provider Meetings]

1. Reviewed submission proposal for AAMI 2013 conference. Axel Wirth will send to MEM core team and PCD leadership for review.

2. John Rhoads will update MEM Wiki to include minutes from last few calls as well as summary notes from MEM prioritization calls; send Wiki link to MEM distribution list.

3. Reviewed outcome of prioritization calls (see summary notes in separate document) and decided to proceed as follows:

- Team to start working on strategic, high-level topics, i.e. the ones which would affect the other sections: Architecture, Compliance, Risk Management, etc.

- Following are defined as high priority and it is suggested that we start to look for volunteers to start tackling those: a) patch management, b) configuration management, c) maintenance management (those 3 fall under the umbrella of lifecycle or interdependency management), d) cyber security. Axel volunteered for the security topic, others to be discussed.

- The topics could be assigned to individuals or teams of two and should initially focus on researching the topic (status quo and sources) and outlining the section. After review and alignment with the other sections we will proceed to drafting.

- Specific considerations will apply to the following: wireless devices; management systems (CMDB, CMMS, especially in consideration of in use legacy systems); and PHI-based risk management.

Agenda for next meeting:

Discussion of "Definition and Architecture" topics

(to provide background and vocabulary for subsequent sections)

make assignments to research (only - not write at this stage) various sections