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PCD Connectathon & Showcase Meeting, November 07, 2010


Action Items

You can find the Action Items at http:___


Introductions, Review of Last Week's Meeting Summary, Review of Agenda

Connectathon Portion of the Agenda

Consistent identification of tests, patients between Excel descriptions and NIST test tool.

Showcase Portion of the Agenda

  • PCD Wall Segment
If the backside of the right end of the DEC wall, we will have 36-38 linear feet – and a challenge to make the best use of this space. This wall will include PCD Status, PCD MU, Standards-Based Interoperability, NIST.
- PCD Status: Develop posters that address progress and address the significance of PCD profiles and IHE interoperability, history and progress. Responsibility of the WGs.
o Temporal Approach (past (available), present (work in process), future) or Profile Approach (one or two posters for each profile with the significant accomplishments,availability and plans).
o Volunteers for poster development.
- NIST test tools and other PCD relevant actitivities.
- Standards: Paul and John Rhoads
  • General
In general, it appears that we have reasonable representation of the three profiles on all three walls (and stories). A few issues are apparent and WGs should focus on the Scenarios and devices required to support them:
- Where and how to include the SPD (filter) option – is time available in the logical place (DEC/mother/baby) and/or elsewhere?
- Where and how to reference work in progress, notably WCM (and the same can be said for events, MEM and other efforts)? Posters? Part of the handout? Included in the script?
- What is an appropriate clinical story that provides the framework for discussion of the profiles on each wall?
- Ventilators: Philips, GE and Mock ventilator - use and location.
- How do we work Meaningful Use into the three profile focused walls?
- What will the Meaningful Use wall require in the number and type of devices?
- Is Cerner appropriately represented (they are asked to provide IOP on two walls, may be able to show other capabilities)?
- Are all vendors who are asked to provide multiple systems able to do so? With the need to speak to three, if not four profiles, we need to populate the other walls, and this will require at least one, if not two or three additional devices. Also, with so many devices on the DEC wall, and limited time to provide visibility to each type, I would like to see many represented on a second wall.
- Are the three EMRs and SIS’ periop system capable of displaying representative data from the various systems (DOR at least)?
- What should be in the handout (last year’s is at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Showcases/HIMSS2010March/Handouts/)?
  • Potential Clinical Stories
- For your consideration only: ACM a heart patient (e.g., congestive heart disease), PIV a transplant patient (lots of drugs). We now need details.
  • Posters
- We will make use of posters to provide visitors with more detail and fill in gaps, and to provide vendors with a way to address questions. Last year’s posters are at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Showcases/HIMSS2010March/PCD_Posters_2010/. This year we will need at least the following posters:
For the MU wall:
- Meaningful Use (at least some of last year’s posters are on the ftp site identified with Wall 4). Some devices will be needed, TBD.
- Work in progress?
- NIST test tooling?
- IDCO profile?
For the specific walls:
- ACM: WCM, Events
- DEC: Tie PCD Hospital Messaging, EMR data with external systems: OB office on the entrance side, Public Health (hearing report) and Baby’s medical data to a Pediatrician on the departure side.
- PIV: ?
- For the three, do we add a MU poster?


Robert Britton, Bikram Day, Scott Eaton, Robert Flanders, Ken Fuchs, John Garguilo, Sarah Hopkins, Roger Kittelson, Nitin Kunte, Patrick Leonpacher, Brad Lunde, Khalil Maalouf, Steve Merritt, Geri Mitchell-Brown, John Rhoads, Sandy Vance, Huili Wang, Rob Wilder, Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Manny
  • No changes were made to the agenda. Manny noted that there are additional agenda items on the meeting page, in addition to the usual short agenda provided on the PCD Connectathon and Showcase 2010-2011 WG Wiki page.



2 Previous Meeting Summary
- Manny
  • Deferred




3 Testing

Pre-Connectathon and Connectathon Tests

Pre-Connectathon Testing:

  • Questions were raised and discussed. There is a consistent identification of tests and patients between Excel test descriptions and the NIST test tool. Gazelle will accept txt, PDF, zip. Please notify Manny when uploaded. It will be about a week for results currently uploaded to be verified. Virtual testing is optional and can be conducted whenever partners agree; in effect there is no deadline.
  • Virtual Connectathon testing can continue past Dec. 15. Alert will make its DOC available for testing on line. Manny requested that those interested in testing PAM or PDQ let him know so that arrangements can be made. Oracle is interested in PDQ testing now and in Chicago. Next year we will coordinate with Lynn and Steve Moore.

Connectathon testing:

  • John Garguilo will work with Paul to add hearing screening parameters.
  • The PCD demographics table used by ACM, DEC, PIV were given to Lynn for use in Chicago. We may use different patients from that table.
  • At least one person on the call has not received Steve's and Lynn's emails. The link was provided, and the availability of earlier emails on the Google site was noted. Table assignments are out, Steve has told companies they need to make arrangements for electric power and there is one network connection.
- Wireless: Manny noted Steve’s request not to bring individual wireless hardware. Sandy indicated that HIMSS will survey network and electrical. PCD will coordinate with her. Manny noted that we need to specify locations of each drop and reminded participants to send the data requested in the spreadsheet to him. The network vendor at the Connectathon will be supporting us at HIMSS. Concern about the network was expressed and Sandy agreed we should discuss Showcase support with them while we are at the Connectathon.
- Wired: The Ethernet connection will support Internet for minimal use. If you need Internet connection to an external server you need to tell Steve Moore when he surveys requirements. In response to a question, members encouraged those needing more than one connection to bring a switch.
  • Connectathon logistics: Sandy said they will collect the $50 per person per day beyond the two that are included with registration at the door. Observers from the companies are otherwise not permitted. Steve Moore recommended power strips and Manny added cables, etc. including spares.



4 Showcase
- Manny

Ventilators: Philips, GE and Mock ventilator – Philips will provide a ventilator, the GE ventilator has multiple serial outputs enabling more than one interface in addition to the GE gateway. We intend to develop a handout again, last year’s is at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Showcases/HIMSS2010March/Handouts/



5 AAMI 2011 Mini-Showcase
  • PCD will again have a 10’ x 20’ booth for a mini-showcase. We will reuse posters from HIMSS11 as appropriate. We’ve asked that this be within sight of the patient safety patient simulation booth Jeff Cooper (MGH) and Izabella Gieras are developing.



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