PCD Cochairs 2012-09-04 Webex

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Patient Care Device Cochairs Weekly Meeting

Date: Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda


1. Review & Approve Agenda
2. Review Previous Meeting Summary previous Discussion Summary from 2012.08.28
3. Profiles and TF Updates
4. Standards Coordination
5. IHE International
6. October F2F
- Agenda
- Brief Proposals and Ballot
- PC, TC meetings leadingto the F2F
7. Connectathon
8. Recruiting
9. Action Items (Last reviewed July 31)
10. Additional Business

Attachments / Materials

See PCD Cochair Action Items page. Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.

Meeting Summary



Cochairs: John Garguilo, Steve Merritt, John Rhoads
Guest: Todd Cooper
Chair: John Rhoads
Technical Project Manager: Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair: Garguilo
Status/Discussion: attendees: John Garguilo, John Rhoads, Ken Fuchs, Steve Merritt; regrets Monroe Patillo


Agenda Accepted

Action(s): No new Action Items

2 Review Meeting Summaries
- Chair: Garguilo
Status/Discussion: Meeting notes reviewed

Decisions/Issues: Post meeting slide set provided to Co-chairs on Todd Cooper's/West Health Institute proposed "Future Directions" HIMSS13 demonstration on end-to-end connectivity (and preliminary testing at Connectathon). Co-chairs agree on pushing forward this work with Cooper/Aaron Goldmuntz's leadership - IHE-PCD member applications needed.

Action(s): Flush out more details of end-to-end demonstration/work and recruit members (company applications) to participate

3 Agenda Items
- Chair: Garguilo

3. DCC: Ken Fuchs attended, IHE-PCD on track/up to date

4. Detailed Profiles: Rhoads/Fuchs - all profile work up to date and on schedule

5. Budget: No issues / no discussion

6. Standards Coordination:

-Todd Cooper/West Health Institute initiative,
-Gordon and Betty Moore foundation (JHU/Armstrong Institute for Patient Saftey and Quality) awarded $8.9M to Peter Pronovost (reference:New Hospital Saftey Effort to Link ICU Machines)

7. IHE International: No Report

8. F2F:

-Agenda, Wiki page available;
-remind TC on tomorrow's call about adding agenda items and push for new (and resurrected from parking lot) brief profile proposals.

9. Recruiting: No discussion or new updates

10. Action Items:

-Co-chairs to develop outline for 24x7 magazine article (likely regarding Consistent Time protocol/networking issue); Rhoads to take lead with participation by all Co-Chairs - work to proceed at next week's IEEE/HL7 WG meetings.



4 Action Items
- All



5 Announcements
- All
Status/Discussion: No new announcements

Decisions/Issues: None

Action(s): No actions

4 Other
- All



Next Meeting

The next meeting will be September 11, 2012 PCD Cochairs 2012-09-11 Webex

<For Decision Meetings, add review line here when minutes are approved; e.g., "(Reviewed & approved by PCD RTM Vent TG 2008-04-16)">

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