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Patient Care Device Cochairs Weekly Meeting

Date: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time: 3:00 pm, Eastern Time

Duration: 60 Minutes

Proposed Agenda

1. Review & Approve Agenda
2. Review Previous Meeting Summary previous Discussion Summary from 2010.08.03
3. Cochairs Elections
4. Profile Updates
5. ONC Update (was HITSP ARRA/HITECH Status Update)
6. Technical Framework Update
7. Connectathons 2010 Korea and 2011 NA and HIMSS11 Showcase Updates
8. Standards Coordination
9. Funding Status update
10. Board Report
11. Status: MEM public comment resolution; User Handbook Public Comment Period and potential for publicizing IHE, PCD
12. IHE International
- Patent Process follow-up w/ CareFusion
13. IHE PCD - Asia, Europe
14. ITI "Outreach" Program Response w/ Karen Witting
15. Technical Framework Template Discussions in DCC
16. Additional Business
17. Action Items
18. Next Meeting

Attachments / Materials

The previous meeting was on August 3, 2010, PCD Cochairs 2010-08-03 Webex

See PCD Cochair Action Items page.

Significant changes, other than dates, will be in bold.

Meeting Summary


Cochairs: Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs, Steve Merritt, John Rhoads,
Meeting Chaired by: John
Technical Project Manager: Manny Furst


Item Topic Discussion
1 Introductions & Agenda Review
- Chair


Accepted summary of July 20. Last week's meeting was cancelled.


2 Review Meeting Summaries
- Chair
No changes were requested.



3 Action Items Review
- Chair




4 Agenda Items
- All
  • 3. Cochairs Elections: We await an email from HIMSS with nominees and election process. Ken (PC) and John Garguilo (TC) have been nominated for the open positions. Karen Witting’s ITI chair will be vacant and no nominees have been presented.
  • 4. Profile Updates (all or most will be on TC agenda for tomorrow):
ACM was approved; we await confirmation of quorum by Yvonne. There are concerns about the use of PCIA’s WCTP. Ken contacted them and learned that they no longer support it and are willing to let PCD use it as desired. That prevents modification that would be considered a standard. Todd asked who is using it and learned from Monroe that there are products coming out later this year using this from cell phone companies (e.g., Sprint, AT&T). Todd expressed his acceptance of the lack of SDO support but is concerned about the lack of ongoing method to modify/update.
DEC WS-* CP version 5 to go out today for ballot.
MEM call yesterday: Todd expressed concern that those on the call don’t all know how IHE works. Steve indicated this and recruiting are items they will need to address.
PIV Draft OBR-4 CP to add unknown medication entry. : PIV to offer CP to address unknown patient. There’s a PID segment flag. Hospira and Epic are leading the effort. Todd asked where the Error Table should be located elsewhere given that it has and will evolve. This approach will be used with Rosetta. GForge can be used to provide version control.
PIV Event Communication: May become a Supplement. It is too late for official Connectathon testing, but should be available for New Directions if available in time. This will be discussed at tomorrow’s Pump WG meeting. There are two points of view: detailed and broader list of events. Event Communication will not be limited to pumps. There’s a question of how to address MEM and maintain separation from clinical events (information available to clinicians but do not rise to the level of alarms). Alarms also will have a unique trigger and maintain separation from events.
WCM Public Comments: Christoff and Harry Solomon have commented. John expressed the view that there is no established HL7 approach to the semantics required by PCD for this profile. WCM may require additional logic in HL7 to interpret waveforms; there is no precedent for this exact case.
  • 5. ONC Update: Nothing new.
  • 6. TF: It is unclear if the Final Text or new TI versions require public comment. Todd indicated this is not required because the changes are editorial or the incorporation of CPs. The FT version will be discussed tomorrow and then available for TC ballot.
  • 7. Connectathons 2010 Korea and 2011 NA and HIMSS11 Showcase Updates:
Korea: Todd will leave for Korea the middle of next week.
2011 Connectathon or Showcase: Gazelle registration will be set up for registration that opens next week.
  • 10. Board report was sent. Lynn expressed concern about maintaining updates on the ftp site.
  • 12. No information from IHE about patent issue.



5 New Business
- Manny
  • Surgery Domain: Anupriyo suggested establishing a separate domain. Todd recalled that Jack Harrington had predicted that this may be a reasonable, coordinated addition. Ken indicated the need for clear distinction and avoidance of overlap; their focus should not include device communication. Todd suggested this would be workflow system integration, building on PCD and requiring strong collaboration between the new domain and PCD.



Next Meeting

The next meeting will be August 17, 2010 PCD Cochairs 2010-08-17 Webex

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