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This page contains items closed from November 10, 2009 and later dates.

As Action Items are closed they will be moved to this page.

Open Action Items are at PCD Cochair Action Items.

Closed Action Items 55-79

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

55 Showcase vendor display policy Steve Merritt Ray, Elliot November 24, 2009 CLOSED Will add to Domain Process (management) document. Issues may exist with third party devices brought by Cerner and Capsule this year. Will include: Chris Carr, Didi direction on bi-directional distributed demo, display/demonstration of ancillary equipment. Todd’s draft will be the basis for Steve’s efforts. Change due date until the end of September, with the idea that portions would be ready for the F2F and others would depend upon the Showcase. Nov. 30, 2010: Discussion of this year's experience leads to belief that a policy would not address the variety of situations that may arise. PCD should have a sentence that the Cochairs will resolve issues that arise. Close Jan. 4, 2011
74 Clinical Recruitment Steve Cochairs and PC Open Closed Nov. 10, 2009

Carolyn McGregor spoke with Elliot and she is interested in participating. Her interest is largely in data warehousing, and this would be a contribution to PCD. See previous meeting for more information. Monroe and Todd presented at the Canadian EMB meeting. Manny to ask Elliot if he has heard from Carolyn McGregor.

77 Monitor HITSP development of RMON and coordinate a demonstration with HITSP. Todd Paul July 7, 2009 Closed Nov. 10, 2009 For earlier discussion summary see meeting of May 12. Todd plans to prepare materials to call attention to medical device communications within the revisions underway. Paul noted that PCC domain may look at sending graphical segments in RMON. Paul responded to PCC by sending information on his concept for sending short segments. The approach they are currently considering won’t work for PCD. Todd summarized yesterday’s meeting:
- Device connectivity for acute care devices had been postponed until mid-July.
- Todd asked John Halamka and learned that it is not clear if device connectivity is part of “meaningful use”.
- CCHIT’s contract runs out in mid-November, so PCD’s interest in certification is up in the air.
- Todd reviewed several presentations from the meeting.
o Among next steps include determining what, if any of the original 2009 work will remain a priority for ONC.
o He recommended PCD provide a position paper showing how the PCD relates to the original 2009 priorities.
o Tiger team reports – the architectural team has provided a detailed description.
- Todd recommended a 10-15 page paper to describe the need for device connectivity to be part of the roadmap.
o There is a real chance that device connectivity won’t be a priority.
o Todd will talk with Elliot to learn if the position paper is worthwhile and noted that this is required by the end of the month. He believes this is now straight forward based upon recent HITSP’s work.
- ONC’s contract for HITSP is up for bid and it may not be ANSI.
June 16: Todd and Paul will provide a draft message for Joyce and Lisa to send to HITSP informing them of WAN progress with Continua. See summary of PCD/Continua update below.

Todd will speak with Joyce about whether a letter to HITSP referring to RMON and ARRA "meaningful use" would be helpful. Steve noted that the meainingful use definition projects 2015 for personal health record becoming an element of the definition.

Meaningful Use: Todd sent response. He recommended that the timetable restore the date to 2011 rather than 2015, and included the rationale.

Todd also sent Joyce a proposal for a new tiger team for medical device connectivity. Todd expressed disappointment in the low priority given to device connectivity, noting that some of the earlier, higher priority items require device profiles.

78 Continua John Paul April 15, 2009 Closed Nov. 10, 2009 See May 12 meeting for earlier discussions. There’s been no opportunity to resolve apparent differences by June for HITSP. Paul said there’s been no movement on RMON in Continua. IBM is promoting web services and ASN1. It’s not likely that Continua and PCD will arrive at a single protocol by June. The positive side is that both will use RTM. One question is whether they can support complex devices such as ventilators, infusion pumps. RMON F2F takes place the week after F2F at NIST. Paul asked if anyone can join him at the Continua F2F June 8 or 9. That will precede a June Continua ballot. Ken and John are unable to attend. Ken was on a call with Continua this morning. On the call Paul provided a half hour recommendation that Continua use PCD-01. Continua is planning to use a hub and they may be open to multiple alternatives. Continua WAN Meeting Update – Paul reported that his presentation was well received and that the Continua TC is giving serious consideration to PCD-01 among several alternatives. One question is frequently raised – can CDA v3 be used? While CDA requires a larger message, this question is raised in the context of web services. Paul suggested that a light weight transport or a separation between web services discovery and communication of the message may provide a compromise. June 16: Paul is working with Continua and Continua is seriously considering PCD-01 along with web services. Todd noted this collaboration can lead to other work within and benefitting IHE (closing gaps). A decision should come out of Continua's Vancouver meeting in July. As noted above (#77) an update will be sent to HITSP. Paul reported things continue to look good. Assuming a positive outcome: Security remains to be addressed. PCD-01 is moving to final text and will need to accommodate the home gateway. Continua and PCD will need to work together, agree to the effort and result for mapping to PCD-01. PCD would likely be responsible for the validation process including RTM and RHM (hierarchy). When the parameter is unique the message will not require OBXs (20601 protocol).

Continua continues to evaluate PCD-01 and web services. Assuming a positive outcome, Todd and Paul observed that we will need

(1) an official announcement, and then a jointly authored letter (with PCD) to J. Halamka, HITSP, e.g., a one page letter, and
(2) a public concept document to share with PCD TC.
(3) A joint WG will have many technical details to address to yield an implementable solution.

Manny to send Chris Carr an email re Continua/members joining IHE. Would the MOU address this? Aug. 18: Ken noted a meeting tomorrow with Lee Suprenant regarding Randy Carroll’s mapping document that requires addressing hierarchy, cardinality, nomenclature, etc. Paul noted that the issues they have are very close to the issues PCD is facing. He noted that Continua has deeper protocols than PCD at this time. Sept. 1, 2009: Ken suggested that Continua generate proposals be developed for PCD to address in a formal manner. Todd said Paul has referred to CPs that would quickly clarify some of the PCD-01 material, and that there will be an Annex requiring more effort and time. Todd believes Paul will present these requests. He noted that these will have to be transparent. Reaching out to Continua: Todd suggested this be addressed to Lisa, with copies to Elliot, Paul. He noted that Continua will develop work item proposals for adding to RTM with home health data. Sept. 8: Paul indicated that there has been good follow up, with details developed on use of RTM. The issues should be resolved in time for the Atlanta meeting. There may be some PCP issues remaining. Sept. 29: Paul indicated that he believes Continua mapping to HL7 should become publicly available for comment before being finalized. He will take this up with Randy Carroll. Todd indicated the rules need to be public, and Paul agreed and noted that exceptions should also be included.

Closed Action Items 80-89

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

82 PCD to develop MOU with CIMIT Ray Ken January 5, 2010 CLOSE Defer interest in year ‘round lab. Ken wrote and discussed a draft MOU intended to enable coordinating profiles, similar to the Continua MOU. Ray There’s a question regarding where in the continuum PCD should have an MOU (ICE, MDPnP, CIMIT). MOU draft was sent to Julian Goldman. Paul indicated that an interface engine solution (e.g., Capsule) may meet the needs for bidirectional communication, or connection to the device may need to be more “intimate”. Nothing new re CIMIT or ASTM MOU. Open new item for ASTM MOU. Remove from the PC if it is there. Ken will ask Julian when he attends the ICE-PAC workshop at CIMIT later this month. November 30, 2010: Close
83 Funding Possibilities Cochairs August 2, 2011 Closed
See May 12, 19 Action Item list for earlier notes, including previous discussions about AHRQ.
Ray will contact AAMI to explore their sponsorship of PCD. The Heart Rhythm Society’s (HRS’s) application to join IHE did not include funds to support IDCO.
Lisa and HIMSS are supportive of PCD finding additional sponsorship. Ray will attempt to set an appointment with Mary at AAMI during the AAMI meeting. The cochairs began discussing the business case that might be offered. Manny briefly summarized the current state of the HIMSS budget, noting that HIMSS is unable to provide the significant increase in funding PCD requires, in particular funding for a portion of Todd's time. Lisa will defend the budget this week. Touching base with AHRQ – end of May, early June. Change date to May 26. Ray will speak with Mary before she talks with Steve Lieber. Talks continue with HIMSS and AAMI. Manny will ask Ray to provide an update on the possibility of AAMI's participation. Aug. 18:Todd will send a letter to ACCE for the grant funds. Todd will ask Celina for the budget figure and last year’s for comparison that Lisa promised. F2F May 3, 2010: Global spread of PCD will require support for Connectathons and Showcases overseas; growth is beyond the ability of HIMSS and ACCE to support PCD. April 26, 2011: The Cochairs will meet with Lisa Spellman and Christel Anderson Friday to discuss inviting AAMI as a cosponsor. July 12, 2010: Mary Logan will likely sign the agreement when she returns from vacation. AAMI is preparing an announcement. Sept. 20, 2011: Close.

87 Recruit Vendors for Cycle 4 and HIMSS10 Manny, ACM and MEM leaders (John, Monroe, Steve) July 7, 2009 Closed Nov. 10, 2009 Manny to call a few vendors and then follow up with cochairs to set up webinars if appropriate. Masimo and Spacelabs have confirmed their commitments. Tom Schultz and Nick Steblay indicated that as many as four companies have expressed interest in receiving the IDCO messages. Manny spoke with a number of vendors in the AAMI exhibit hall and has coordinated recruiting with Steve for MEM and will do so with Monroe and John for ACM. He suggested PCD provide webinars to recruit, orient new participants, and one for Verizon. Manny to seek an orientation / orientations for this cycle: one for newcomers, one for all (review existing work, profiles, dates). Establish one for Verizon. Manny to seek an orientation / orientations for this cycle: one for newcomers, one for all (review existing work, profiles, dates). Establish one for Verizon. Todd has spoken with Stryker about becoming directly involved and with Roche (insulin pump). Manny will talk with Ascom. Manny to follow up with Verizon and Masimo. Ken will present at Tim Gee’s connectivity meeting. Manny to follow up with Nick on EMR and other vendors he volunteered to reach out to. Aug. 18: Todd noted that the cochairs are on the hook for the AAMI article. Sept. 15: Manny to ask Cerner about their participation this year, and specifically for PIV IOP.

88 Cycle 4 Status All June 2, 2009 CLOSED Cycle 4: WCM anticipates a series of decisions with serious discussion. WCM is several months away. Implementation for a New Directions demonstration is feasible. Other Developments: ACM – Monroe is attempting to recruit vendors for the AM-AC links; DPI WP – Todd is proceeding to lead its development; MEM WP – Steve is making progress with this group. IDCO votes are overwhelmingly in favor of release. Manny will check on voting eligibility. ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Patient_Care_Devices/Profiles/IDCO/IHE_PCD_TF_Supplement_IDCO_2009-06.doc. The Profile / White Paper list was updated and will be sent to Lisa. Other items on the list: WCM ready in the Fall, as part of next cycle; PIV mid-June, for this cycle; RTM next week sometime – it will be an update to the previously published version (last year) with lots of additional items in the tables; it is provided with Change Tracking; DPI August 1, White Paper; MEM mid-July, White Paper. IDCO is out for public comment.

- PIV – Todd is working to have PIV updates ready for TC ballot and then public comment release. There are a number of issues that need to be resolved. o IHE will be asked whether Enhanced ACK is required or only popular - an issue that needs to be resolved.

Steve indicated a need to separate RTLS from MEM in order to collaborate with vendors who are not interested in other aspects of MEM. This will become a new profile proposal arising from discussions with vendors.
IDCO - Paul reported that they have reviewed and developed responses to the public comments. The next step is a ballot to move this to the TI version. August 18: Ken will review Lisa's editing of the IDCO TI version. Sept. 15: Todd will ask Steve Moore about Interoperability Statements for Content Profiles. Nov. 30, 2010: Paul suggested there remains a need to determine how the WCM transaction is initiated, will it be embedded. Ken will address this. Close

89 Stakeholder Survey Ray, Manny June 2, 2009 Closed Nov. 10, 2009; Continued in the PC Ray and Manny updated the survey questions and sent it for PCD review. Ken reminded the group that one response was received. Manny will discuss with Ray when he returns from vacation. Following the review Ray will submit to HIMSS Analytics. Close the old (#61)and open new item with date of early June to send to HIMSS. Manny to ask Ray to submit the survey to HIMSS.Ray submitted the survey to HIMSS.

Closed Action Items 90-99

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

90 ASTM MOU Ken January 5, 2010 CLOSE
91 High-Level Architecture Todd Open CLOSE
  • High-Level Architecture ACM vs. DEC, alarm evidentiary data. Nov. 30, 2010: Change date to Open. September 20, 2011: Add to F2F agenda suggestions. December 13, 2011: Todd's current efforts will address this. Jan. 3, 2012: John Garguilo indicated Todd is starting to model this. He noted this will also relate to the OID structure. March 20, 2012: John Garguilo indicated that the DPI WG is working on a portion of this as are other WGs. May 28, 2013: The Thursday 2 pm ET in addition to the Standards and Tooling Coordination calls have begun again. Todd will be asked to provide an overview of work at West Health. John Garguilo noted that this is moving along. Jan 14, 2014: Todd still working on this, move due date to March 4. Mar 11, 2014: Manny will ping Todd, move due date to Face to Face, April 2014. April 9, 2014: CLOSE |
92 TF Revision Ken, Todd, John May 25, 2011 Closed
  • TF Revision Review Date changed 1/4/11):
- Volumes 1, 2, 3 Nov. 30, 2010: Remove Volume 4.
- Workflow & Semantic Profiles vs. transactions (esp. WCM, ACM & RTM)
- Outlines
  • April 26, 2011: Change date to end of May. September 20, 2011: Close; will open a new one if needed as a reminder.
93 V&V & IHE Ken January 1, 2010 CLOSE
  • Nov. 30, 2010: It is addressed in the TF volume 1. Close

94 Cycle 5 Closed November 10, 2009 Aug. 18: Domain Coordinating Committee asked which profiles would be addressed in 2010-11; the Brief Profile Proposals will be reviewed at the F2F. PCD needs to determine what the calendar should be for the Detailed and Brief Proposals. Ken will take this question to Lisa. Manny to solicit Brief Profile Proposals and refer to existing proposals that haven't been addressed. Manny to check F2F commitments – for example ID binding at point of care – Khalid offered to provide this proposal.

94A: Two items with same number Managing Public Comments John Rhoads Open OPEN From F2F: Ioana will provide a recommendation. Develop a cross domain process and Ken will take this to the DCC. Also see discussion Thursday Item 11. December 1, 2009: John Rhoads will review, edit and present to PC Dec. 16 and then submit it to the Domain Coordinating Committee. November 30, 2010: Add John Rhoads as the owner. January 4, 2011: change date. April 26, 2011: Change date to end of May. September 20, 2011: John Rhoads is talking with Chris Carr and some changes have been implemented. Change due date to Open. December 13, 2011: Will be addressed off line before coming back to the DCC. Jan. 3, 2012: John Rhoads indicated this is in the hands of the IHE staff. June 12, 2012: This is in other hands; close.

95 Clarification of HL7 copyright issues CLOSED Transferred from PC Nov. 11, 2009. November 30, 2010: Close
96 Recruiting for the 2011 Connectathon, Showcase Manny All Open CLOSED March 9: Manny to contact Jim Keller for L&D vendors.November 30, 2010: Close

97 PCD Schedule CLOSE F2F May 4, 2010: Schedule needs updating to be consistent with HIMSS' domains' and PCD's plans. November 30, 2010: Close
98 Promoting PCD to ONC Cochairs February 4, 2011 Close Tuesday, Oct. 19: The PCD will send an email to Joyce and Elliot will speak with her, for HIMSS/Joyce to promote devices and related systems. Cochairs. Manny to send email to Joyce and Elliot. John Garguilo suggested that Todd’s technical note be a vehicle for communication - TN 905. Nov. 30, 2010: Continua utilizes CDA and made that known to ONC. January 4, 2011: Change date. April 26, 2011: John Garguilo noted the presentations made by several people that were made at the recent ONC meeting. Presenters included John Garguilo, Elliot Sloane, Dale Wiggins, Charles Parisot, John Zaleski, and Todd Cooper on March 28, 2011. Close.
99 International Connectathons, Showcases Manny Cochairs February 4, 2011 Close Friday, Oct. 22: Ask Lisa Spellman about non-US Connectathon and Showcases. Is there a role for Todd Cooper (e.g., his recent work w/ IHE-Korea and IHE-Japan)? Learn more about IHE pre-qualification "to be involved with a Connectathon..." Course (cost involved). Ask Lisa for update on results of non-US Connectathon/Showcase. November 16, 2010: Manny contacted Sandy Vance. November 30,2010: Manny to follow up. January 4, 2011: Change date. Todd has been engaged in supporting the upcoming Korean Connectathon. Close.

Closed Action Items 100-109

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments

100 Develop PCD/FDA Communications Cochairs February 15, 2011 Close Friday, Oct. 22: Relationship of IHE-PCD w/ FDA – Does IHE have a liaison? PCD could, for example, send updates to IHE/FDA liaison, if a liaison can be established. November 30, 2010: Sandy Weininger has participated in the ICE-PAC meetings. January 4, 2011: Manny to ask Joyce. April 26, 2011: Terry Reed contacted John Garguilo regarding RTM and UDI. Sandy Weininger continues to monitor PAC and ICE-PAC. John Murray commented on the MEM Security WP. Close.
101 Showcase Standards Section John Garguilo, Paul February 1, 2011 Close November 30,2010: Manny suggested that the Showcase include a segment devoted to standards used (HL7, IEEE, RTM, Continua) and one devoted to explaining why standards-based solutions to interoperability are advantageous. Paul and John Garguilo will take leadership. January 4, 2011: Change date. April 26, 2011: Close as completed.

102 Set Dates for Spring F2F Cochairs Dec. 13, 2011 Closed Next F2F (April/May 2012) determine a week (not adjacent to HL7/IEEE WG meetings) - possible location - Carefusion in San Diego (AFC :-) due date? (22 November: ITI suggested co-locating our F2F at Oak Brook. Manny suggests asking them to set aside one day with PCD reps and Webex). November 29, 2011: PCD will not meet with ITI, but it is desired to have a couple of representatives attend the ITI meeting. December 13, 2011: Manny to poll Cochairs, Paul, Todd, Elliot for conflicts. May 13-18 is Spring HL7 meeting. International programming may precede. HL7.org. ATA is April 29 – May 1. April 30 for F2F? Jan. 3, 2012: This will be the week of April 23. March 20, 2012: ACM summit Monday the 23rd. Close.
103 Fall 2012 F2F Agenda Cochairs August 28, 2012 Close ECRI Institute, Philips (Boca Raton), NIST offered space for the meeting. – HL7 is in Sept. May 8, 2012: The F2F will take place the week of October 15. Manny to check with ECRI, Philips to learn if space is available then a survey may be held. July 31, 2012: Change subject to address agenda. Jan. 22, 2013: Close.
104 Technical Framework Template 11/21/2012 Close October 2012 F2F: PCD to submit proposed improvements. E.g., Section 0 (IHE Overview). Completed this portion 10/31. Example: Last sentence - does not mention anything about devices - only information systems - do we as a domain propose adding "medical devices". IHE-PCD Group will flush out actual suggested language. Jan. 22,2013: John Garguilo to again request feedback. Feb. 12, 2013: John learned that the comments must be sent on a specific form. He will follow up.. May 28, 2013: Close.
105 Spring F2F 11/28/2012 Close October 2012 F2F: Set date, location for spring F2F: Week of April 8, 15 suggested. Manny to poll membership. Nov. 13, 2012: Manny to ask Todd about West Health San Diego. Offer either week, with preference to the earlier week (Apr. 8). Feb. 12, 2013: Manny to ping those who indicated they can’t attend either days to ask if it is a preference or absolute. May 14, 2013: Close as complete.
106 Activities Promoting PCD Co-chairs Apr 23, 2020 CLOSED Nov. 27, 2012: Write Papers Promoting PCD. May 28, 2013: WP on RTMMS, security. John Rhoads indicated that this may become two WPs. Change date to June 21. June 11: Make it clear these are additional WPs. Change date to Aug. August 13: Cybersecurity, DMC, LS, OMS are in development. August 20: Group is leaning toward optimized syntax. change date to Sept 3 . September 3, 2013: Change date to October 1. Jan 14, 2014: Discussed opportunities with HIMSS ACCE and AAMI. Are there opportunities at showcase? Change date March 4. March 11, 2014: Change date to April Face to Face. April 8, 2014: Presenting at AAMI 2014. Want to discuss action items vs. items w/o end dates. Manny providing info to ACCE for next newsletter. June 17, 2014: Monroe has contributed and article, plus John Garguilo and Jeff McGeath published an article in 24x7. Also an article on Commercially available devices may go into BI&T. Change date to July 8 July 15, 2014: Removed Paul Schluter from responsibility, change due date to Aug 5, 2014. August 5, 2014: Change due date to August 12. September 23, 2014: Sandy captured sound bites at AAMI, Jeff McGeath will check with her on how they were used. Change date to October 22. Dec 16, 2014: Monroe will work with DarcY; she will present her activities so far. Change due date to Jan 6. Jan 6, 2015: Jeff discussed at his company media opportunity. Move to Feb 3. Feb 9, 2015: Paul Sherman published CT article in HIMMSS informatics newsletter - http://www.himss.org/News/NewsDetail.aspx?ItemNumber=38693 . March 2015: Jeff McGeath interviewed by 24x7 magazine. Also may be interviewed by DotMed. Change due date to March 31. April 7, 2015: No new items, change due date to April 21. April 21, 2015: Jeff Mc had some opportunities at HIMSS, discussed with four media outlets, will send specific info to Paul S. Change due date to April 28. April 28, 2015 - F2F, no action, change due date to May 12. May 12, 2015: Change due date to may 19, 2015. May 19, 2015: Change due date to June 2. June 2, 2015: Jeff will check on a Modern Healthcare article, change due date to June 9. June 16, 2015: Change due date to June 23. July 30, 2015: Manny and Monroe working on MEMDMC and MEMLS BI&T articles with AAMI. Change due date to Aug 4. Aug 4, 2015: No new info, change date to Aug 18. Sep 1, 2015: Move to meeting just before F2F. Oct 13, 2015: No white papers for this BI&T, ACCE has prepped HIMSS session submission, will be PCD based. Change date to first PC cochair session in December. Nov 10, 2015: Paul Sherman presented on IHE PCD to the University of Connecticut Clinical Engineering students. Dec 1, 2015: Paul Sherman presented on IHE and PCD to Gateway Biomedical Society Nov 19. Dec 15, 2016: No new activities, change due date to next month. Jan 5, 2016: No new activities, change date to post-HIMSS. March 15, 2016: Paul Sherman was interviewed by TechNation magazine on interoperability. Set to F2F joint PC/TC meeting.
April 20, 2016: Change title to be more general? Yes. Also, when you have an opportunity to promote, let Paul or the co-chairs know. Paul Sherman is scheduled to speak at the Young Jewish Professional CEO healthcare Summit May 4. Set date to May 17.
May 31, 2016: Last CE-IT symposium was PCD focused. Set to after AAMI.
June 14, 2016: Recruited at AAMI, have several new CMMS vendors interested. Set to next month.
July 12, 2016: PCD's IHE session is August 25. Move to August meeting.
August 9, 2016: Move to Sep 13 cochair call.
Sep 13, 2016: Set to F2F
Nov 1, 2016: Monroe will be on Imprivata call Nov 17 (1PM EST) to let them know what PCD has. Set to Dec Cochairs call.
Dec 6, 2016: Paul Sherman sent Commercially Available list to ACCE and AAMI representatives. Set to Jan 2017 Cochair meeting
Jan 3, 2017: Some promotion at Connectathon and recruiting at HIMSS, set for Feb 7.
Feb 7, no new info, move to March meeting.
March 7, 2017: Paul Sherman met with many vendors at HIMSS. Move to April 11 meeting
April 11, 2017: Working with AAMI on their Interoperability Showcase. Review April 18.
April 18, 2017: Check with Celina to see if they're interested in recruiting end users. Review in May.
May 2, 2017: Nothing new, move out to June.
June 6, 2017: Nothing new, move out to July.
July 11, 2017: Monroe and Paul Sherman visited many different vendors at AAMI. One (Brighted) will join.
August 1, 2017: Paul Sherman is preparing slides for Celina to show to AAMI c-suite. Review in Sept.
Oct 31, 2017: Celina sent slides to AAMI and has followed up with them. Review December.
Nov 14 2017: AAMI will cosponsor, Paul and Celina to meet with them at the next hour.
Dec 12, 2017: Paul and Celina met with AAMI. Paul will work with them to get a new representative and distribute the survey. Review in January.
Jan 3, 2018: Nothing new, move to February.
Feb 6, 2018: Nothing new, move to March
Mar 13, 2018: promoted at HIMSS, Paul Sherman met with about 50 vendors on the floor, more interest than prior years. Move to F2F.
Mar 30, 2018: Paul Sherman interviewed on interoperability for 24x7 magazine.
April 17, 2018: Paul Sherman is working with AAMI to let the field know about non-HTM CMMS adoption. Move to May meeting.
May 1, 2018: AAMI Showcase. Paul Sherman pinged EQ2 to see if they were willing. AAMI has pursued that trying to increase participation. Some discussion of how this may unfold. Set to May 15.
May 15, 2018: No new activityy - set to 1st June meeting.
June 12, 2018: Paul Sherman met and discussed with vendors at AAMI. Enlighted, an RTLS vendor and two CMMS vendors are ready to join.
July 10, 2018: No new info, set to next month's 1st meeting.
July 24, 2018: Rob is contacting a hospital to attend the annual update webex, hopes to entice them to join. Review Aug 14.
Aug 14, 2018: Rob tried to recruit them. He will turn his IHE presentation over to his marketing for distribution. Review next meeting.
Sep 11, 2018: Paul Sherman responded to an AAMI discussion about medical equipment IT security. He pointed out that IHE can provide all the IT info automatically. Rob handed over his action to Marketing.
Oct 17, 2018: Rob talked to Mayo and Banner and met with Banner to discuss, What are we missing? RDC, some other items that drive early adoption. Also discussed contacting Dave Dickey at McLaren about participating.. Tom will ask Jack Hoffman to contact Dave, copying Paul Sherman. Follow up next meeting.
Nov 6, 2018: No new activities or updates, set to first December call.
Dec 4, 2018: No new activities or updates, set to first January call.
Jan 8, 2019: Paul Sherman helped with an article celebrating IHE-PCD’s 20th anniversary.
Feb 5, 2019: Nothing new, hope to have more after HIMSS, review next meeting.
Feb 19, 2019: Paul and Monroe met with vendors at HIMSS. Midmark and Stryker seem very interested. Paul to meet with Stryker tomorrow. Paul also meeting with AAMI tomorrow to discuss working more closely. Move to next month.
March 5, 2019: No new activity - move to next month.
April 2, 2019: No new info, include as PC F2F topic. Review April 16.
April 24, 2019: A big challenge now. Have kind of plateaued at HIMSS. Looking for more ways to interact with the user community. Perhaps the CES. Do we have a presence there? Not yet, but it might happen. Amit – some common pain points. Hope to connect our work with the HIMSS marketing machine. Attended SxSW, he hopes to get to next CES. Let us know if you have any ideas. Also, let Amit know.
June 18, 2019: Nothing new, discussed next review, prior to next PC/TC.
July 23, 2019: Manny has an idea for surveying some interested parties and testing/equipment status. Paul is working with him on it. Set to just before August Joint meeting.
Sept 4, 2019: Manny’s survey is being distributed. Review next month.
Oct 1, 2019: Manny’s survey is out. The pump vendor survey is back. AAMI has sent it to the HALE group. ACCE has sent it out as well. Set to F2F Joint PC&TC meeting.
Nov 5, 2019: (Not discussed at F2F) Manny sent to non-pump PCD members, not much response. How about sending it to CMI members? Paul Schluter will ask there to see if someone is willing. Follow-up Nov 19.
Nov 19, 2019: Nothing new, move to December
Dec 3, 2019: Nothing new, move to January
Jan 7, 2020: Nothing new, move to February
Feb 4, 2019: Nothing new, move to March
Mar 3, 2020: No new info, move to March 31
-Mar 31 - Nothing new, set to PC&TC 'F2F'
Apr 23, 2020 - Close, refer to Tiger Team and start as a DEV Action Item.

107 Profile Versioning John Garguilo, Monroe October 1, 2013 Closed Dec. 18, 2012: Ken suggested that PCD may want to version the profiles. Mindray is considering how best to version their product in reference to the PCD message version. Discussion indicated this can be identified in the MSH and it would be useful to include this information in the Integration Statement. Monroe suggested that the NIST tool will need to accommodate multiple OIDs. Jan. 22, 2013: Place on F2F agenda. Change date to April 22. Add Monroe, John Garguilo. Feb. 12, 2013: Add to F2F. March 12, 2013: Add to TC agenda prior to F2F. May 28, 2013: Discussed at F2F: documents to have a major, minor version for TF, etc. May 28, 2013: Michael Ekaired committed review the current plans and work with John Garguilo. Change date to June 19. June 11: Change date to Aug. July 16, 2013: John Garguilo will look at what ITI has done. July 30, 2013: John Garguilo described ITI as using major and minor identification and he will provide details at the F2F. August 20: Versioning seems good, will be able to update supplements as we go. Change date to Sept 3 Sept. 3, 2013: Change date to October 1. Dec. 10, 2013: Close as completed: PCD adopted existing IHE major, minor document version numbering and using OIDs listed on Wiki page for integration profiles.
108 Integration Statements Limited to Commercially Available Steve Merritt Monroe Pattillo July 29, 2014 CLOSED Integration Statements Limited to Commercially Available, not to be posted otherwise. Jan. 22, 2013: Wait for response to the comment (see #104). Feb. 12, 2013: Monroe suggested that a different form of IS may be needed because the IS in its present form has been around a long time. Steve objected, saying no IS should be permitted unless it is available. John Garguilo asked if a similar situation occurs with certification and Monroe indicated that it would. Monroe will assume leadership. This is an issue identified in the comments noted in Item 104. Add to F2F. March 12, 2013: Monroe noted: There is no presumption that the vendor has been in a Connectathon or the system is available for purchase. Purchasers must determine these and Connectathon results. He suggested that the PCD guidance document should be updated to reflect the process to confirm this and Steve added these suggestions to the Wiki page for regfrence when updating the document. Monroe asked if certification should also be noted. May 14, 2013: Monroe and Steve to confer. May 28, 2013: Change date to June 14. June 11: Change date to July. July 16, 2013: Change date to August 6. July 30, 2013: Monroe will ask if certification implies commercial availability. August 20, 2013: No response yet, Change date to Oct 1. Oct. 15: Change date to Feb. 1. Jan 14, 2014: Change date to April F2F. April 8, 2014: Discussed at F2F; try to get a link to the integration list. Can integration website contain links to domains with commercially available systems. Remove Steve, leave Monroe as lead. Take to DCC to offer them a lead on this. Change Date to April 22, 2014 June 17, 2014: Monroe will discuss at PCD update. Jeff McGeath talked to a vendor about their product on the Commercially Available list - it's not available. He will send info to Paul Sherman, who will contact that vendor (CareFusion) to confirm. Change date to July 8. July 15, 2014, Change due date to Aug 5, 2014. August 5, 2014: Monroe presented at DCC meeting - Not well received, PCD to continue with process. Close.

109 New Participant Assistance Manny Monroe October 21, 2013 Closed Monroe suggested a PCD-focused check list for companies in their first year, based upon the one used several years ago. Manny to develop the first draft. Pair new companies with partner to mentor and provide virtual Connectathon assistance. add last phrase June 11 July 16, 2013: Change date to August 6. August 20, 2013: Change date to Sept 3. Sept. 3, 2013: Change date to October 1. Oct. 15: Change date to Oct. 21, 2013. Dec. 10, 2013:Close as addressed through meetings and recordings.

Closed Action Items 110-119

Number Action Owner Participants Due Date Status Comments
110 Review ihe.net page Co-chairs Jan 13, 2015 CLOSED Oct. 19, 2013: IHE requests co-chairs review the domain pages on http://ihe.net/IHE_Domains/. Changes should be submitted via the Comment tab on the bottom. Jan 14, 2014: Change due date to April F2F. April 8, 2014: Focus on PCD first, then look at global Change due date to June 10. June 17, 2014: Looking at changes to enter, change date to July 8. July 15, 2014: Some ftp progress, change due date to August 26, 2014. September 23, 2014: Jeff will update at F2F, change date to F2F. Nov 11 Will reschedule to work on after bulk of Wiki pages have been updated Jan 6, 2015: Move to Jan 13 Jan 20, 2014: Added to the CoChair agenda. Close

111 AAMI Presentation John Garguilo, Jeff McGeath, Monroe April 15, 2014 CLOSED Dec. 10, 2013: Title: Benefits of IHE PCD Standards-Based Interoperability. Presented by Monroe Pattillo, John Garguilo and Jeff McGeath. Due dates TBD. Jan 14, 2014: John and Monroe will present. Title presented, need to check for deadline abstract. Due date March 4, 2014. March 11, 2014: Draft presentation completed March 5, change due date to April 9. April 8, 2014: Some final revisions, should have out to group this week. Change due date to April 15. April 22, 2014: Basically done, close.
112 Certification vs commercial availability Manny Furst July 29, 2014 CLOSED April 4, 2014: Manny will ask Vinny about certification vs commercial availability and survey commercially available list to see what is truly available. Set due date to April 22 April 22, 2014, set due date to April 29. June 7, 2014: Set due date to July 8, 2014. July 15, 2014: Set due date to Aug 5, 2014. August 5, 2014: PCD to continue with process independently.Close
113 Prepare article for Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology Cochairs August 19, 2014 CLOSED AAMI has solicited a PCD article for BI&T, Co-Chairs will draft. Due date August 19, 2014. Sept 23, 2014: Past deadline, CLOSE
114 Leadership Recruiting Monroe Patillo Sept 30 2014 CLOSED Unsure what to do if we cannot recruit new cochairs. Monroe will contact Chris Carr. John Rhoads may have relevant email; will send to Monroe if found. September 23, 2014: Monroe contacted Chris, no response yet. Change date to Sept 30. Sept 30, 2014: This is in the F2F agenda template. Close.
115 Put list of workgroup leaders on PCD wiki. Paul Sherman Paul Sherman April 28, 2015 CLOSED Recommend asking WG chair, Manny or Paul Sherman to join, have ACCE email address on site. (side note – replace @ with 'at' on address) August 6, 2014: Paul will check progress. Change due date to September 3. Move out, update at F2F. Change due date to F2F. Nov 19, 2014: Cochairs will work with Paul Sherman on this. A wiki page may be the solution, as it's easily maintained. Change due date to Dec PC/TC. Dec 17, 2014. Closed in TC and moved to Co-Chair action items. Check on how other domains do this on the IHI wiki pages, then follow their example. Move to Jan 20. Paul checked with IHE. No real feedback on best practice. Paul Sh. will email members for info, then add to PCD wiki main page. Change due date to March 18. April 7, 2015: Drafted list on PCD Profile Wiki, with link on PCD Wiki. Change due date to April 21, 2015. April 21, 2008: Reviewed work so far. Seems a good fit, Paul will continue asking for updates, list will go to IHE. Change due date to April 28. April 28, 2015 (F2F): Paul announced to attendees progress and asked for input. Change due date to May 5. May 5, 2015: Announce one last time, change due date to May 12. May 12, 2015: Paul to pass info to Mary Junger and Nancy Ramirez for publicizing. Close
116 Update PCD Domain Scheduling Page Monroe Patillo CoChairs, Paul Sh July 7, 2015 CLOSED Opened May 20, 2015. June 2, 2015: No action yet, change due date to June 9. June 16, 2015: Monroe will update this week. Change due date to June 23. July 30, 2015: Monroe will have updates ready next week. Change date to July 7. July 8, 2015: Updates completed.
117 DEV Domain Developement PC Cochairs, Thom Erickson, Todd Cooper PC Cochairs, Thom Erickson, Todd Cooper, Paul Sherman Mar 17, 2020 CLOSED Feb 4, 2020: Will set up DEV domain top level calls for 4th week of month. Review at Joint PC&TC
- Meetings scheduled for Feb 25 and 26. Review Mar 17.
April 7, 2019 - Final Review, process well underway = Close

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