PCD Brief Profile Proposal 2009 Event Communication

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Proposed Workitem: Event Communication

  • Proposal Editor: Todd Cooper
  • Editor: TBD
  • Date: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Version: N/A (Wiki keeps history)
  • Domain: Patient Care Devices (PCD)

The Problem

During the operation of many devices, there are milestone events that though they are not alarms, need to be communicated both for documentation and potentially clinician / clinical system (e.g., RT CDSS) review and action. In some cases, annunciation of a given event is needed for BOTH data recording as well as real-time high-reliability delivery to clinicians. These events (e.g., infusion pump rate change) may include an associated set of parameters (settings and monitors), and in some cases may be within the context of a clinical order (e.g., infusion pump rate change within the context of an order that allows titration), or it may not (potentially making the event notification even more important).

It should be noted that the associated priority of a given event may not be known by the generating device, but is more based on the clinical context and the clinical protocols and business rules that are in effect.

Key Use Cases

Infusion Pump Medication Delivery Milestone Notifications

During the normal execution of an infusion therapy protocol, non-alarm conditions such as start of delivery, change of rate, switchover from piggyback to primary drug, completion of delivery, transition to KVO, etc.

Real-Time Clinical Decision Support Systems

<See Zaleski's proposal>

ICE Clinical Scenario Evennts

<see ICE-PAC analysis of PCA delivery or respiratory / ventilator-based therapies>

Standards & Systems

1. Could leverage existing IHE PCD TF profiles such as DEC (for reporting) and / or ACM (for "alert" communication).
2. Can use & define 11073-based event semantics
3. PCD content profiles could support data sets associated with a given event (including both optional and mandatory components)

Additional Considerations

  1. With the current PCD TF, such as DEC & ACM, there are potentially multiple approaches to solving this use case.
  2. Alarm communication may be an example of "event communication" ...
  3. May be useful to review Fowler's Accounting Pattern


Technological Risks

  • <TBD>