PCD 2011 Spring Face-to-Face Topic Suggestions

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Suggested topics for PCD Spring Face to Face

Planning Committee

The Roadmap - is there a disconnect between the roadmap and what participants are really prepared to do?

How much of the way we are organized serves our long-term goals and what can we do about it?

What the heck are our long-term goals, anyway?

Wednesday afternoon(?) we reserve time for Christel Anderson (and maybe me - Jon) to introduce someone from Christel’s patient informatics group and see how her/his HIMSS connections in this area might best be put to use in IHE PCD.

Publicizing PCD to users, vendors.

Recruiting users, vendors.

RFP Language rolled into the User Handbook. - 1 hour review of Appendix

Integration Statements - 1 hour workshop

ADQ Requirements Review - 1 hour discussion

ADQ and Time - 1 hour discussion

PCIM Requirements Discussion

Review Remaining Action Items - 1 hour

Technical Committee

Event driven processing: are EMR vendors really interested, what are the generic requirements and the infusion management requirements, should we treat Alarm Communications Management as a special case of event processing?

Asynchronous Data Query - where is it needed, when will clinical information systems be ready to play, what are the real requirements, do we need a phased approach?

Content Profiles and the mythical "volume 3"

Implementation Guides - what should be in them, how should they be organized (and who wants to work on them)

What about OIDs and use of identifying different versions of things (focus on conformance profile used in a cycle, and how subsequent cycles change [e.g., "x" --> "o" at the HL7 component level of a field]and what this means if there are not enough vendors participating as a particular actor for a later version versus an earlier version)?

Point-of-care Identity Management: what are the problems? What can (and should) we say about the solutions?

How much of Medical Equipment Management can we accomplish using existing PCD-01? How much nomenclature do we already have? What do we need to add?

Traceability in PCD-01: MDSes, VMDs, Channels, Device identifiers and metrics, and what can we and EMR vendors do to associate data with sources? Who cares now? Who will care in the future?

Modeling approaches: Clinical Workflows, ICE-PAC and HL7 Detailed Clinical Models for Medical Devices

Are manufacturers going to sign up for system -> device and device <-> device interactions?

Action Item TC 110. WCM Attributes: Change date to May 11. Add to agenda for the F2F.

Action Items