PCC Tracking Folders

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PCC Implements the Change Proposal Process with the following directory structure.

Directory Structure

As CPs are processed through various statuses they move from one directory to another. The directories are:

contains CPs which have been submitted but have not been assigned a CP number or an editor. This is the place that new incoming CPs are placed prior to the first stage of processing by the committee.
contains CPs that have been assigned an editor and are being actively worked on by the committee, i.e. Assigned status.
contains the last version of a CP that is in Completed status. It is waiting to be put to a ballot.
contains the last version of a CP that is in FinalText status. It has been approved by ballot and is waiting to be integrated into the TF.
contains the version of the CP that was integrated into the TF.
CPs that have been submitted, reviewed, and rejected by the committee.
contains CPs that have been canceled, i.e. Canceled status.