PCC TF-1/Coded Terminologies

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Coded Terminologies

This profile supports the capability to record entries beyond the IHE required coding associated with structured data. Actors from this profile may choose to utilize coded data, but interoperability at this level requires an agreement between the communicating parties that is beyond the scope of this Profile.

To facilitate this level of interoperability, the applications that implement actors within this profile shall provide a link to their HL7 conformance profile within their IHE Integration statement. The conformance profile describes the structure of the information which they are capable of creating or consuming. The conformance profile shall state which templates are supported by the application implementing the profile Actors, and which vocabularies and/or data types are used within those templates. It should also indicate the optional components of the entry that are supported.

An Example HL7 Conformance Profile is available to show how to construct such a statement. See the HL7 Refinement Constraint and Localization for more details on HL7 conformance profiles.