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Attendees: Laura Bright, Laura Heermann Langford, Vincent Van Pelt, Robert Breas, Chris Melo, Wendy Scharber, Celina Roth

  • Review comments from Thom Kuhn
    • Will add additional use case to describe the smaller, more generalist tumor boards
    • Will use the terms “prospective” and “retrospective” for the reviews
    • Recognized differences between Europe and US processes and artifacts. Will address the differences through recognized variations in the use case and profile.
  • Review comments from Mark Sente
    • Couple comments were related to inconsistencies in terms used. Will be fixed.
    • Team needs to add statuses of "in progress" and "created" to the profile. There was some question if this had been discussed and not supported by ITI at recent meetings. The team needs to readdress that issue. Current decision is to put the statuses into the profile now to facilitate the discussion.
    • There are a few placeholder OIDs that need to be replaced with real OIDs. Vincent will reach out to Keith, Laura B and Tone for assistance with those.
  • Next Steps
    • Vincent will make the changes as discussed and agreed in the profile.
    • Vincent will reach out to Laura B, Keith and Tone for assistance in getting needed OIDS
    • Vincent will reach out to Keith, Tone and others as needed to get resolution on the ability to add the new statuses of "in progress" and "created".
    • Vincent will send updated document to the PCC Tech Co-Chairs (Laura and Laura) and to Mary Jungers prior to the planning F2F meeting 10/30-31.
    • Laura will ask Tone to allow a few minutes to review the TBR profile before releasing to publication for trial implementation on 11/1.