PCC TC Face to Face November 15-16-2011

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Tuesday November 15, 2011

Attendees: Laura Heermann Langford, Mike McCoy, Anne Diamond, Emma Jones, Denise Downing, Dave Stumpf, Chris Melo, Tone Southerland

Call in Attendees: Arianna Cocchiglia, Charles Rica, Laura Bright, Charles Rica, Thomson Kuhn, Valentina Ferrarini, Luca Zalundardo

Announcements: Celina

  • New Staff -
    • Jim St. Clair, Sr Director of Interoperability,
    • LaVerne Palmer,
  • Connectathon -
    • Dates changed to January 9th 4-7 pm on Monday, runs through Friday,
    • Showcase testing runs through Saturday noon of that week.
    • The Connectathon conference is also running that week.
    • Badge registration for Connectathon opens this week. Early registration encouraged. Prices go up December 16th.
  • Next Face to Face meeting in Paris Feb 6-9
    • PCC meets Mon-Thursday
    • Information and registration information will be sent out soon
    • Direct Questions to LaVerne or Sylvia Colis
    • Informal poll on those planning on attending.

eReferral Workflow Overview:

Presented by Luca Zalundardo.

  • Concerns expressed over how detailed definitions of "clinical actors" should be, and how to distinguish from IHE actors.
  • Also, subtleties of admissions vs registration and how to handle these differences internationally.
  • Work effort estimated as medium to high, based on this being the first workflow profile.

Telehome Monitoring Workflow Overview:

Presented by Valentina Ferrarini

  • Question from Laura HL: Are we assuming the existence of infrastructure (Tele-homecare Centre) that may not always exist?
  • What is the purpose of the registry?
    • It is assumed that the registry is an XDS registry, and XDS repositories. We are building on XDS.
    • XDS Content Updater was added by ITI - in order to update a document, you must have consumed the document previously created. The Content Updater Actor was defined to capture this requirement. Even if it is a document you created, you must check for changes made by others before making your updates.
    • Laura: must be careful to put down rules about all Content Updates being Consumers, etc.
    • Tone: need to ensure that there is a clean separation between clinical content, transfer, and workflow
  • Need more detail around what must be done by PCC for effort estimate. Luca and Valentina will add this to the Detailed Proposals.
  • Add to standards to look at: NQF Utilization Assessment framework

Request for Clinical Knowledge - Keith Boone

Issues brought up:

  • Authentication
  • Distinguishing between general and detailed clinical data
  • Are we really trying to create tasks?
  • The system should be able to measure number of queries. Is this in scope? Covered by audit? Other issues with P&S?
  • Human readable vs. computable content

Nursing Workflow - Emma Jones Reviewed current state of Nursing Workflow whitepaper Reviewed current and desired use cases and PPOC and ENS document contents Proposed that we re-write PPOC - to be decided

Joint with ITI - Rob Horn Review of XDW (Cross Document Workflow)

  • Need to set up regular t-con and time at next face to face to continue collaboration with ITI XDW and e-Referral and Telehealth home monitoring.
  • Need to review with the Telehealth team - what clinical piece are they addressing. Concern is there is not "one" telehealth profile but that there needs to be several specific ones (one for cardiology, one for peds, one for oncology - etc etc etc.

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Presentation from Alean Kirnak on Immunization Implementation Guide

  • Requests involvement from PCC

Discussion of Profiles and Available Resources

  • It was agreed that PCC has sufficient resources to complete all profiles sent to us by Planning Committee
  • Primary authors assigned for all work.
  • Technical Committee voted to proceed with all profiles

Planning Committee meeting was convened.

  • Planning Committee voted to endorse Technical Committee selection of profiles
  • Planning Committee meeting adjourned
  • Technical Committee meeting adjourned