PCC TC Face to Face November 14-2018

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - Minutes

Present: Emma Jones (Allscripts), Michael Clifton (Epic), Tone Southerland (IQVIA), Chris Melo (Philips), Sarah Bell (Himss), Thierry Dart (ASIP Santé) Phone: Jeff Danford (Allscripts)

Agenda presentation, disclosure notice [1], review of the agenda

PCC Maintenance Work/ CPs

  • CP incorporated : CP-PCC-0225, CP-PCC-0238, CP-PCC-0248, CP-PCC-0263, CP-PCC-0265, CP-PCC-0266, CP-PCC-0211

Profile evaluation : PCC FHIR CarePlanning for CareTeam Management

  • Display a presentation of this profile [2]
  • T-cons - Biweekly meetings will be scheduled
  • Reviewer: Chris Melo, Tone Southerland, Michael Clifton and Thierry Dart

Rating, Discussion and Voting

  • Ratings can be found here:[3]
  • Corum has been reached
  • Voting for PCC FHIR CarePlanning for CareTeam Management: No Objections, No Abstains, 6 For

Update of the domain milestone dates

urn:ihe:pcc:hl7v3” namespace

Board report

  • Three co-chairs (combining Planing and technical): Emma Jones, Michaël and Thierry Dart
  • Nursing sub-committee: Emma is engaged with HL7 nursing group
  • One profile this year: PCC FHIR CarePlanning for CareTeam_Management
  • Considering continuous cycle publication
  • DCTM is in ISO-2018
  • PCC should consider its opportunity to harmonize existing content profiles with such regional priorities (like C-CCDA in the US)
  • This report will be presented to IHE board on december, 2018

Work items for the upcoming year

  • We have made the decision to collapse the committee into a single combined committee. This is allowed per IHE Governance.
  • The committee has been discussing the potential of moving to a more continuous cycle for project work as opposed to the current annual cycle, see [4]. This type of approach would allow the committee the ability to pick up new work items throughout the year. We are still working out how this will be implemented, but we do plan to implement this approach to projects at some point in the near future.
  • Work items (at this time):
    • We have one project for the updating of the Dynamic Care Plan profile to include Dynamic Care Team Management.
    • The other work the committee has been discussing so far has been how to approach the updating of older CDA profiles to harmonize them with the work that has been done in HL7 and elsewhere.
    • We will continue to work on cleaning up the backlog of CPs for our existing profiles. We have made great progress on CPs so far, and we should be able to wrap up most of the current outstanding ones with one more push.