PCC TC Face to Face Nov 12-13 2013

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Attendees: Laura Bright, Keith Boone, Anne Diamond, Denise Downing, George Cole, Emma Jones, Tone Southerland, Thom Kuhn, Ed Larsen, SarahWillis-Garcia (HIMSS), Mike Nusbaum

Phone in attendees: Laura Heermann-Langford, Charles Rica, NageshBashyam, Hema Patel, Gayathri Jayawardena, Jurgen Brandstatter

Reconciliation of clinical content and providers

  • Led by Emma Jones and Denise Downing
    • Review and discussion of proposed profile. Will attempt to identify the 'common elements' needed to perform reconciliation for clinical content needing reconciliation.

RECON of Meds, Allergy and Problem already have a good starting place. Will need to come up with a priority list of things that need reconciliation including care plan content which have the 'common elements'. Will need to discuss specific needs for the attributes that are not part of the 'common elements'

    • Will reconcile content that have entries. Will need to address how to reconcile "providers" (in the CDA header without entries)
    • T-Con: Will use Nursing Sub-committee standing call on Tuesdays at 12 noon

Patient View

  • Led by George Cole
    • Review and discussion of proposed profile. May need a new actor/transaction(content render-er) similar to Radiology's CPI - consistent presentation of images .
    • May need to clean up the use or "stylesheet" vs "style sheet" in IHE content documents.
    • T-Con: Meet every other weeks. Preferred time is 10am EST. Start Nov 20th.


  • Led by Keith Boone
    • Review and discussion of white paper proposed. Purpose is to explain the proposed query that the framework supports and how the query supports the framework. Goal is to rely on existing work for the Information models and the detailed logical model. Will explain the models and show how the pieces fit. Will need to define how to provide the outline. This white paper is more of a 'how to' approach.
    • One of the two leading S&I initiatives. The other is SDC. S&I will provide assistance.
    • Goal is to have the white paper draft for committee review week of February 10, 2014. After the technical F2F, will have it to IHE Tech writer. Mary will need 2 weeks. then the final draft goes out for public comments. Will have 60 days for public comments. The Public comment is reviewed at public comment meeting at end of April.
    • T-Con: Mondays at 10 am EST - Start week of Nov 25th. Will be hosted by IHE
    • Meeting with ITI with agreement that PCC will schedule and host the T-Cons

CP Discussion

    • Lisa Nelson will use the CP calls to address the CPs she has submitted
    • Discussed CP's submitted by Jurgen Brandstatter (IHE Austria)

Rating, Discussion and Voting

Quorum of 8

Approved moving forward with the two profiles and one white paper