PCC TC Face to Face May 01-2013

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Attendees: Laura Bright, Keith Boone,Denise Downing, George Cole, Emma Jones, Tone Southerland, Tom Kuhns, Stacey Marovich, Ed Larsen, John Donnelly, John Feikema, Anne Diamond

MCV (formerly PVVS)

Phone in attendees: Benjamin Flessner, Denise Downing

  • Led by George Cole
    • Open issue to check with Keith about the stylecode property need to use an "x" and if CDA has made any changes
    • Updates: Narrative formatting - capability for multiple stylesheet, Content creator SHALL provide capability for multiple views. Currently is a SHALL - may need to change with feedback from public comment.
    • New HL7 update to the style code (security fix) is a good thing for the consuming system because it enables the data to display.
    • New Semantic tagging option for content creator and content consumer
    • work on the styleCode table - contains formatting semantics and clinical context semantics.
    • Updated the names of the options
    • Need templateId to specify conformance to this profile
    • MCV Next steps
      • Profile approved to go for public comments. Due to publication editor May 9th


Phone in Attendees: Karen Whiting, John Feikema, Nagesh Bashyam; Angelique Cortez; Gayathri Jayawardena

  • led by Keith Boone and Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)
    • Comments received from Karen Whiting and Stacey Marovich; reviewed
    • Updates made to white paper.
    • next step
      • Include the white paper in the round for further public comments (announce that the comment period has been extended). White paper will be published during the trial implementation profile publishing period. S&I will put out an announcement and consolidate their comments and forward to IHE. Groups such as the EU/USA joints should review and provide comments
      • Develop a strawman that documents the gaps prioritization (meet weekly Mondays at 10am EST). Goal of the gaps prioritization is to drive a DAF specific road map that will need additional profile development opportunities. Suggest PCC planning committee is involved.

RECON (formally RCCCP)

Phone in Attendees: Denise Downing

  • Led by Emma Jones
    • Discussion about the process of reconciling and the end result of reconciling.
    • Discussion about clinical data source
    • Discussion about care team members.
    • Update to RECON so that regardless of IG (IHE, HL7, etc), reconciliation can be done.
    • next steps
      • Profile approved to go for public comments. Due to publication editor May 9th

HL7 PCWG FHIR Resources

Phone in Attendees: Stephen Chu, Laura Heerman Langford, Denise Downing

  • Presented by Stephen Chu and Laura Heerman Langford
    • DSTU for FHIR and HL7 Patient Care workgroup collaboration for transition of care/referral and health concern
    • Need leadership directions in how to interact with IHE for possible collaboration

PCC Profile Certifiability (Discussion with Alex Lippitt)

  • Coordination of effort between HL7 and IHE is needed: Goal of not duplicating work
    • Need coordination of HL7 and IHE leadership boards resulting in initiative guidance from IHE board
    • Value proposition is needed for certification: upcoming international program certification for larger certification groups is coming
    • Suggest a face-to-face with HL7 and IHE leadership and committee chairs at the World Summit meeting in Sept 2014

Joint Meetings

    • Agenda Items
      • Header Constraints
      • Volume 4 Issues
      • Coordination of profiles using common components
        • Reconciliation profile impacts to QRPH Profiles- content and care team reconciliation: Action item: followup with HL7 StrucDoc group and HL7 patient care group discussion about Care Team at HL7 meeting next week.
        • Universal realm header elements are needed. Work going on to create an international version of CCDA with ISO and EU. Harmonization is needed.
    • update provided by domains on profiles currently being worked on by the various groups.
    • Announcements
    • Special Presentation
    • QRPH/PCC/ITI Report-Out
      • QRPH: 4 new profiles (SDC, EDHI, BFDRE, Family Planning), Large CPs (RPE), EHR enabled Research white Paper and other maintenance things
      • ITI: 2 new profiles: PDQ for mobile devices, Digital Signature
      • PCC: 2 profiles: MCV and RECON, completed DAF white paper comments, CP
    • DAF update
      • Updated Document on ftp site; Discussion tomorrow if need to send out for additional comment period
    • Volume 4 Publication Process
      • Committees are becoming aware of the need for national extensions. There is a national extension process that radiology has been using for many years. Domain coordination committee has been discussed. Developed by national and regional domains. International domains review. when both national and domain agrees, they release it for public comments. Have a wiki page about this - provide feedback to co-chairs
    • IHE formatCodes for CCDA/US Realm: HL7 doesn't have a concept of formatCode. Need an official position with HL7 on what the formatcodes are for CCDA and publish it. Further discussion about this is with Keith
    • Documentation Priority/Updates
      • Mary Jungers is full time with RSNA and HIMSS - to keep things up to date
      • Need a data librarian role. Need your thoughts on general documentation needs. IHE and HL7 Meetings together in September (IHE World Summit - regional and national leadership)hoping to have IHE leadership and the appropriate folks from IHE present.
    • Virtual Testing/Tooling
      • HIMSS Innovation center in Cleveland - Need for year-round virtual testing.
    • Status of De-Identification Whitepaper: on the Wiki and ready for use.
    • Next steps for IHE-FHIR collaboration
      • Alex will be speaking with Chris Carr about the need for collaboration. For example, MHD and PDQ is leveraged in FHIR. HL7 is utilizing PDQ resources. Keith will presenting a discussion topic with the HL7 board next week. Suggest that committee chairs make a list of issues they would like to address.
    • Johanna's announcement - family planning profile need technical feedback from vendors
    • IHE volunteer spotlight - Karen request sent out.

Change Proposal Review

  • Led by Laura Bright
    • Various change request assigned and resolved
    • Further discussion on CP 0178 completed. CP approved.


  • CP time change to Tues at 12 pm EST
  • DAF Gaps prioritization calls Mondays 10am EST

General Action Items