PCC TC Face to Face July 21-24-2014

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Attendees (in person): Laura Bright, Keith Boone,Denise Downing, George Cole, Emma Jones, Tone Southerland, Tom Kuhns, Ed Larsen

CPs - updates

  • Need to be consistent with the dates - Keep dd/mm/yyyy
  • Assigned #149 to Laura Bright
  • Provide updates to #0224 during Wed discussion - George Cole
  • Change Shall language to should for #175 - Emma Jones


  • Led by George Cole


Phone in Attendees: Karen Whiting, John Feikema, Nagesh Bashyam; Angelique Cortez; Gayathri Jayawardena

  • led by Keith Boone and Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)

RECON (formally RCCCP)

Phone in Attendees: Laura Heerman

  • Led by Emma Jones, Denise Downing
    • Discussion about the process of reconciling and the end result of reconciling.
    • Re-work of the actor transaction diagrams needed
    • Need to have informative and prescriptive pieces in the profile

PCC Planning

  • Roadmap
    • Review rating criteria and discuss changes/additions needed
    • High level review of road map items, add additional road map items to list
    • Fill in rating for each of the roadmap items
  • Outreach opportunities
      • Nursing Sub-Committee
      • Remain under PCC or become its own domain?
      • Suggest reaching out to HIMSS nursing for sponsorship
  • Review slide outline for PCC domain presentation next week

Joint Meetings

    • Agenda Items
    • update provided by domains on profiles currently being worked on by the various groups.
    • Announcements
    • Special Presentation
    • QRPH/PCC/ITI Report-Out
      • QRPH:
      • ITI:
      • PCC:


General Action Items