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This page documents the activities of the PCC domain in doing strategic planning.

PCC Strategic Plan


The IHE Patient Care Coordination (PCC) domain has defined the following categories of profiles and organized the existing profiles (as of 2010) into this set of categories. Additional categories will be added as the work of the domain expands, but this is minimal set that PCC has defined presently profiles within its domain.

Category Description PCC profiles (2011)
Cross-Domain Workflows The PCC Domain focuses on development of profiles that cross providers and organizations. A number of the PCC profiles support cross domain workflows, including exchange of medical summaries (XDS-MS), personal health information (XPHR), and reconciliation of problems, medications and allergies (RECON) The domain is now developing workflow profiles based on XDW. XDS-MS, XPHR
Clinical Decision Support The domain has created a number of profiles in support of clinical decision support, including Care Management (CM), Query for Existing Data (QED) and Request for Clinical Guidance (RCG) CM, QED, RCG
Emergency Care A number of PCC profiles support emergency care, including referrals to the ED (EDR), documentation of emergency encounters (EDER), and transport. EDR, EDES, ETC, ETS and ITS
Perinatal Care The domain has created more than a dozen content profile supporting documentation of care for expectant mothers and newborns, covering the start of perinatal care, through delivery and post-partum care, and Perinatal Workflow (PW) APE, APL, APHP, APS, LDHP, LDS, MDS, NDS, PPVS, PW
Nursing The PCC domain is home to the Nursing Subcommittee which has developed a number of profiles in support of nursing care like the eNursing Summary (ENS) and documentation of patient plans of care (PPOC). ENS, PPOC


The IHE Patient Care Coordination (PCC) domain has identified the following areas of expertise and weaknesses.

Category Areas of expertise Areas of weakness
Clinical Documention CDA, HL7 V2 and V3
Standards Development Organizations HL7, ASTM, ISO
Geographic Regions US, Canada, France, Italy, Germany South America, UK, Asia, Australia

PCC Liaisons

The following table describes the liaisons from PCC for IHE development committees.

Domain Committee Liaison Reports

Domain Liason
Anatomic Pathology
Cardiology Harry Solomon
Eye Care Keith Boone
IT Infrastructure
Patient Care Devices
Quality, Research, Public Health Keith Boone
Radiation Oncology