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IHE PCC Profile Proposal

  • Proposed Profile Name: <fill in Name>
  • Proposal Date: <date profile is proposed>
  • Status: <Proposed|Accepted|Postponed>
  • Version History: <list related profile proposals>
  • Editors:

{|- |Name |Affilliation |e-mail |- |<your name> |<your organization> |<your e-mail> |- |}

1. Brief Description of the Problem:

<briefly describe the interoperability problem needing to be solved>

2. Key Use Cases

<list the use cases. This is an example of how the interactions work, both now, and as proposed.>

Use Case 1: <use case name>


<list the roles touched in the flow (ie Attending Physician, Consulting Physician)>


<list the type of computer systems needing to interoperate (ie HIS, EDIS, RIS, EMR, ...)>


<list the types of data exchanged (ie Meds, Labs, Orders, Images, Reports, ...)>

Current Flow:

<describe the workflow of the current situation and list where potential problems occur. For example: "First, the Physician (a user) fills out the Prescription (type of data) in his EMR (type of system)". Next, physician prints out the prescription and gives it to the patient. Next the patient takes the prescription to the pharmacist which creates a potential for the prescription being lost. Next, the pharmacist manually enters the script information into his system which creates a possible transcription error. ...>

Proposed Flow if profile implemented:

<describe the flow you would like to see happen using the technique.>

Use Case 2: <use case name>

<next use case. you can have as many as needed to fully describe.>

3. Standards that might Apply

<list standards that you think might be relevant. Eg, HL7 CDA, HL7 CCD, SNOMED-CT, ...>

4. Further Discussion

<further describe evidence of need for the profile. (ie medical evidence that supports need, reference ONC use case, etc)>

5. Resources/People that could help.

<list people that could help the technical committee define, clarify and write the proposal. Also list skills of that person(ie Technical experience vs clinical experience). Bringing resources to the table increases the probability that the profile can be done.>