PCC Planning Committee 2015/2016 ProfileApproval

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Review of 2015/2016 Profile Proposals from Technical Committee

  • Purpose:
    • The purpose of this meeting is to review and approve (or disapprove) the PCC Technical Committee's recommendation of profile work for the upcoming cycle.
  • Attendees:
    • Laura Langford
    • Tone Southerland
    • Gayathri Jayawardena
    • Chris Lindop
    • Charles Rica
    • Keith Boone
    • Thomson Kuhn
    • Nagesh (Dragon) Bashyam
    • Angelique Cortez
    • George Cole
    • Denise Downing
    • Alex Lippitt
  • Minutes
    • The committee met and reviewed the proposals put forth by the PCC Technical Committee to work for the 2015-2016 work cycle.
    • Discussion was held around work efforts required. ie. do we have sufficient resources to successfully complete all the profiles being proposed
      • response stating yes, sufficient resources are available, and all work is to occur within the PCC domain. In the event of cross-domain work other domain members (in PCD, RAD) are certainly welcome to attend and participate in the PCC meetings. Profiles will be published in normal Public Comment and Trial Implementation periods where additional comments/change proposals may be introduced against those.
    • Minor changes were made to the spreadsheet that the Technical Committee created to indicate that the Remote Read profile will be worked in the Radiology domain.
    • Voting
      • A motion was made by Keith Boone to move forward with the profiles the technical committee presented.
      • The motion was seconded by Thom Khun
      • The motion passed unanimously