PCC Minutes - December 5th

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Audrey Dickerson, Deb Konicek (SNOMED), Rita Scicolon (AHIMA), Marcia, Larry McKnight, Davera Gabriel, Peter Kress, Thom Kuhn, Ann Diamond, Keith Boone

Functional Assessment and Assessment Instrument Content Profile

Use the ~10 categories from CCD to select possible assessment instruments. Allow for muliple assessments from each category (no "preferred" instruments). Keep instruments small, no MDS. Report assessment and values going into assessment. Focus need for assessments on specific use cases.

Clarify last use case. Change one of first two use cases to home health care.

Laboratory Reporting for Public Health

This is perhaps too small in scope for a profile, but need to keep it in our back pocket for HITSP use cases. Use this to help elaborate on the whitepaper. Work this in to 1 or 2 year plan for a profile this year or next.

Work Effort and Profile Selection

Profile Complexity Size Resources
Antepartum Care Summary Medium 30 Larry, Thom
Emergency Department Encounter Record Medium 30 Todd, Thom
Care Assessments & Assessment Instrument Content Hard 30 Davera, Keith
Query for Dynamic Clinical Data Hard 50+ Larry, Keith
Clinical Trial Clarification Very Hard 40 N/A
Lab Public Health Reporting Content Hard 40 Sarah
XDS-MS To CCD Medium 10 Larry, Keith

Report Out

We restricted the scope of each profile to simplify it.

The four profiles that we believe need to be moved forward are (in alphabetical order):

For Lab Public Health Reporting Content, we see this as a two year project, initially exploring a very restricted use case (e.g., one class of reportable conditions), and to feed information into the white paper. As a content profile that covers only a small subset of reportable conditions (5-10%), we felt that the scope would be to small for the needed use, but to broaden it would put it outside the realm of possibility this year, and so have recommended spreading the work over this year and next. We expect that this would be a content profile that could be done in the new directions section next year. If we discover during our research that this can be managed this year, or that other situations warrant it (e.g., HITSP), we did want the option to pull a trigger later in the year to make this a full profile.

The Clinical Trial Clarification was not selected this year. It can be input to the white paper, but right now, it could make very good use of standards that we are simply not ready for (more advanced Web Services).

We plan to discuss a change proposal for moving XDS-MS to be fully compatible with CCD at Connectathon this year. That decision will also depend upon outcome of ballot reconcilliation of CCD.

The outline of the Case Management White Paper has been developed. We need to continue to work with other committees on this white paper. IT Infrastructure was also reviewing profiles that overlapped with areas that this white paper was intended to explore.


Report results out by Friday this week -- Keith

Planning Committee Call 14th or 15th to accept results and discuss next steps -- what profiles to move forward. Review new scope, say yes to which profiles and begin work because we have available resources that are ready to do so.

WebEx on the 18th 10-12CST to show people how to use the Wiki.