PCC Committee Activities in 2009-2010

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Important Dates

  • Nov 26th: Plan Committee T-Con to approve profile work for the 2009-2010 cycle* May 3rd - completed drafts for volume 1 and 2
  • May 4th-7th - technical committee face to face
  • May 18th - publication material to secretariat
  • June 1st - July 1st, public comment period
  • July 27th - Trial Implementation Supplements due to HIMSS for publication

2009 Profile Supplements

See The Technical Committee Page for current status and reference documents.

  1. Prehospital Care Report -- This profile will support recording information from EMS systems for delivery to the emergency room.
  2. Labor and Delivery Record -- This profile will support capture of the labor a delivery summary and post-partum discharge summary.
  3. Clinical Decision Support -- This profile will provide a way to integrate decision support into HIT systems, and provide content to support immunization forecast.
  4. Nursing Documentation -- This profile will create a CDA document template for nursing documentation.

2009 White Papers

The planning committee also approved a white paper on addressing the requirements and needs for standards for developing and managing data sets used for assessments.

Fetal Heart Traces Implementation Guide

The technical committee also agreed to produce a document showing how existing IHE profiles could be used to support recording of Fetal Heart Traces.

Profile Development 2009-2010

Profile Editor/Mentor List

All profiles should be written in Word documents and saved to the ftp site; links from the wiki should also be provided. Component work and communication should continue on the wiki as profile development continues. See the Template for Profiles

Below are links to wiki pages to be used for collaboration on work for each of the supplements and white paper this cycle. Please post any information that will be useful to the group. If you are new to editing wiki pages all you have to do is click the link, type something in the new page and click "Save page" at the bottom. The wiki also keeps history of all saves so you need not worry with "messing things up."

Profile Selection Current Cycle 2009-2010

During our face to face meeting November 18-19, 2008 four profiles and a white paper were selected to be submitted to the PCC Planning Committee for evaluation. A PCC Planning Committee conference call was held on November 26th, 2008 to discuss these proposals and all were approved by the planning committee.

Click to download spreadsheet showing editors and other resources for the profiles from our discussion at the 11/18-11/19 face to face meeting: PCCTech_ProfileReview.xls