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This page is no longer actively used to track Change Proposals in PCC. The current process can be found here.


  • This table is intended to keep track of change proposal numbering only - it is not meant to track status or any other aspect of change proposals.
  • To acquire a new CP number edit this page and add your new CP number as an additional row at the top.

CP# Date Title/Description
CP-PCC-0231 23/04/2017 Estimated Date of Delivery Observation Syntax
CP-PCC-0230 23/04/2017 Add Another View Option for Content Consumers
CP-PCC-0229 21/04/2017 Update RECON FHIR resources to FHIR STU 3
CP-PCC-0228 21/04/2017 Update DCP FHIR resources to FHIR STU 3
CP-PCC-0227 09/02/2017 remove styleCodes that cannot be safely ignored
CP-PCC-0226 17/10/2016 ‘IND’ is not a value in participantRole classCode
CP-PCC-0225 17/10/2016 Healthy Weight Care Plan, procedure and intervention sections - Errors in section examples
CP-PCC-0224 13/09/2016 BED - Explain ‘ED’ abbreviation
CP-PCC-0223 01/08/2016 MCV Additional styleCode values
CP-PCC-0222 11/07/2016 RPM Transaction Numbers need re-mapping
CP-PCC-0221 27/04/2016 Update RECON and CMAP to reference FHIR DSTU 2 version
CP-PCC-0220 25/04/2016 Typo in LOINC Code in Emergency Department Encounter Summary Supplement
CP-PCC-0219 13/10/2015 Healthy Weight Care Plan Section LOINC Code
CP-PCC-0218 13/10/2015 Procedures and Interventions Typos
CP-PCC-0217 13/10/2015 Update DICOM hyperlinks for audit message specification (See CP 0213 - possible duplicate)
CP-PCC-0216 21/07/2015 Update Occupational Data for Health subsection to Social History section template (related to CP 0176)
CP-PCC-0215 20/07/2015 Change XDS Document Source Actor to XDS Document Consumer Actor
CP-PCC-0214 28/04/2015 Decision Support Service - Update definition
CP-PCC-0213 19/03/2015 Update DICOM hyperlinks for audit message specification
CP-PCC-0212 25/02/2015 Transaction Numbering Change in QED
CP-PCC-0211 24/02/2015 Content Creator/Content Consumer Cleanup
CP-PCC-0210 16/02/2015 Deprecation of extension sdtc:patient
CP-PCC-0209 16/01/2015 Clarify Code element for pain observation
CP-PCC-0208 02/12/2014 Plan of care LOINC code need to be reconciled with parent template (XDS MS)
CP-PCC-0207 29/02/2015 Remove comments entry from section specification (IC)
CP-PCC-0206 23/12/2014 Consistent Naming in PPOC Supplement
CP-PCC-0205 23/12/2014 OID for NEMSIS Coding System Wrong in CDA Supplement
CP-PCC-0204 23/12/2014 RECON Supplement Breaks Existing Final Text
CP-PCC-0203 20/11/2014 PCC content and statusCode value
CP-PCC-0202 23/10/2014 RECON and MCV contain duplicate transaction numbering (3.1.5)
CP-PCC-0201 30/09/2014 RECON Profile - Fix IHEActCode Code System OID
CP-PCC-0200 10/09/2014 Add AdmissionSourceReferralCode extension to encompassingEncounter
CP-PCC-0199 28/07/2014 Add Provider entry to technical framework
CP-PCC-0192 22/10/2014 Addition_of_HL7_C-CDA_Format_Codes.doc
CP-PCC-0191 23/07/2014 Support for Multi-patient Queries in QED
CP-PCC-0190 23/07/2014 Add Problem Observation to Coded Event Outcome
CP-PCC-0189 23/07/2014 Fix Patient Transfer Entry
CP-PCC-0188 23/07/2014 Fix Payer Entry
CP-PCC-0187 05/18/2014 Fix section numbering for entry/header overview
CP-PCC-0186 01/05/2014 Pregnancy Status Review Entries
CP-PCC-0185 01/05/2014 Pain severity
CP-PCC-0184 11/02/2014 View Option Rewording
CP-PCC-0183 12/11/2013 Medications Effective Time
CP-PCC-0182 12/11/2013 Medications Route Code Value
CP-PCC-0181 12/11/2013 Social History CP
CP-PCC-0180 12/11/2013 ROL OID change
CP-PCC-0179 04/09/2013 Procedures and Interventions LOINC code
CP-PCC-0178 04/09/2013 Social History CP
CP-PCC-0177 04/09/2013 Immunization Series Number
CP-PCC-0176 04/09/2013 Immunization Content
CP-PCC-0175 04/09/2013 CDA Panel Codes
CP-PCC-0174 24/07/2013 LOINC code for PPOC
CP-PCC-0173 23/07/2013 Add New Act Reference Entry
CP-PCC-0172 23/07/2013 ESL Format Typo
CP-PCC-0171 23/07/2013 Transfer Entry Needs OID
CP-PCC-0170 23/07/2013 Medical Document Header Constraints
CP-PCC-0169 23/07/2013 XTHM Updated Telemonitoring Protocol output document name
CP-PCC-0168 23/07/2013 XTHM Optional output document in Approve Request
CP-PCC-0167 23/07/2013 XTHM Change name of task Analysis
CP-PCC-0166 23/07/2013 XTHM Create Task as Ready
CP-PCC-0165 21/06/2013 Add new sections to LDS
CP-PCC-0164 30/04/2013 Social History Observation
CP-PCC-0163 30/04/2013 Changes requested by QRPH for multiple births
CP-PCC-0162 16/04/2013 XBeR-WD taskname
CP-PCC-0161 16/04/2013 XBeR-WD rewording
CP-PCC-0160 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 9
CP-PCC-0159 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 8
CP-PCC-0158 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 7
CP-PCC-0157 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 6
CP-PCC-0156 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 5
CP-PCC-0155 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 4
CP-PCC-0154 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 3
CP-PCC-0153 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization 2
CP-PCC-0152 16/04/2013 XTHM-WD fix inconsistencies and generalization
CP-PCC-0151 16/04/2013 EHCP Section Conformance
CP-PCC-0150 16/04/2013 Care Plan Section OID
CP-PCC-0149 16/04/2013 XTB
CP-PCC-0148 16/04/2013 Transport Effective Time
CP-PCC-0147 16/04/2013 Medication Route Null Flavour
CP-PCC-0146 16/04/2013 EDES Format Codes
CP-PCC-0145 16/04/2013 Wrong Options in XPHR
CP-PCC-0144 16/04/2013 RCK Transaction Numbers
CP-PCC-0143 16/04/2013 Bad Section Ref in XDS-MS
CP-PCC-0142 16/04/2013 Typos in OIDS
CP-PCC-0141 16/04/2013 Task Names Not Schema Compliant
CP-PCC-0140 22/07/2012 Section Cleanup
CP-PCC-0139 22/07/2012 Add Transfer Entry to Coded Event Outcomes
CP-PCC-0138 22/07/2012 Add to list of codes for Antenatal testing
CP-PCC-0137 22/07/2012 Guidance for recording MRN for baby in LDS
CP-PCC-0136 17/07/2012 Social History
CP-PCC-0135 17/07/2012 Requirements for PPOC and ENS
CP-PCC-0134 17/07/2012 Patient Instructions
CP-PCC-0133 17/07/2012 Medication Administration
CP-PCC-0132 17/07/2012 Medical Device
CP-PCC-0131 17/07/2012 Intake and Output
CP-PCC-0130 17/07/2012 Hospital Admission Diagnosis
CP-PCC-0129 17/07/2012 Family History
CP-PCC-0128 17/07/2012 Discharge Diagnosis
CP-PCC-0127 17/07/2012 Diet and Nutrition
CP-PCC-0126 17/07/2012 Coded Results
CP-PCC-0125 17/07/2012 Chief Complaint
CP-PCC-0124 17/07/2012 Advanced Directives
CP-PCC-0123 17/07/2012 Transport Mode
CP-PCC-0122 03/05/2012 ESL External Documents
CP-PCC-0121 03/05/2012 Medication Route Null Flavour
CP-PCC-0120 16/11/2011 Parent Template ID - Results Section
CP-PCC-0119 16/11/2011 Inconsistent use of OID for IHEActCode and IHERoleCode
CP-PCC-0118 16/11/2011 Item SPRECEIVE to insert into vocabulary IHEActCode
CP-PCC-0117 16/11/2011 Clarify Recon Grouping
CP-PCC-0116 16/11/2011 Correct various errors in the profile definition
CP-PCC-0115 07/18/2011 Fix entry numbering issues
CP-PCC-0114 07/18/2011 Add subject participation to Labour and Delivery Profile
CP-PCC-0113 07/18/2011 Add subject participation to NDS Profile
CP-PCC-0112 07/18/2011 Add subject participation to PPVS Profile
CP-PCC-0111 07/18/2011 SNOMED Nursing Problem Value Set
CP-PCC-0110 05/04/2011 Antepartum Vital Signs/Coded Physical Exam
CP-PCC-0109 05/02/2011 PPVS Errors
CP-PCC-0108 05/02/2011 NDS Errors
CP-PCC-0107 05/02/2011 Labour and Delivery Supplement Errors
CP-PCC-0106 05/02/2011 Antepartum Profiles Supplement Errors
CP-PCC-0105 05/02/2011 Section and Entry Clean UP
CP-PCC-0104 05/02/2011 Multi-subject Section Specification
CP-PCC-0103 05/02/2011 Section Id Use in Section Imports
CP-PCC-0102 05/02/2011 Entry Relationship Structure
CP-PCC-0101 05/02/2011 Fix Format Codes in Antepartum Profiles
CP-PCC-0100 05/02/2011 Incomplete Section Specifications
CP-PCC-0099 02/09/2011 ETC Acuity Location Change
CP-PCC-0098 02/08/2011 Newborn Delivery Physical Examination
CP-PCC-0097 02/07/2011 Reconciliation of Family Medical History Sections
CP-PCC-0096 02/07/2011 Confidentiality Code
CP-PCC-0095 02/07/2011 PPVS Content Modules Inconsistent With CDA Content Modules Supplement
CP-PCC-0094 02/07/2011 Missing Discharge Status Section
CP-PCC-0093 02/07/2011 Incorrect Code For ACOG Battery
CP-PCC-0092 02/07/2011 Intended Recipient in Wrong Entity
CP-PCC-0091 02/07/2011 PHR Advanced Directives Name Change
CP-PCC-0090 11/23/2010 Publish EDES Profiles
CP-PCC-0089 11/23/2010 Reconciliation of Outpatient Visit Modules
CP-PCC-0088 11/23/2010 Edit Content Module Names
CP-PCC-0087 11/23/2010 PPVS Value Sets
CP-PCC-0086 10/04/2010 Correction to physical exam vital sign section
CP-PCC-0085 8/13/2010 Change Care Plan LOINC Code and Display Name
CP-PCC-0084 7/30/2010 Coded Physical Exam - add observation to subsections
CP-PCC-0083 7/30/2010 Fix LOINC codes and display names
CP-PCC-0082 4/24/2010 Treat effectiveTime under Advance Directive as an interval
CP-PCC-0081 4/24/2010 Loosen ATNA Constraint on Content Profiles
CP-PCC-0080 3/26/2010 Permit Secure App
CP-PCC-0079 2/4/2010 Reorganize TF Volume 1 Sections 1 and 2
CP-PCC-0078 2/4/2010 Coverage Entry Code Mismatch
CP-PCC-0077 2/4/2010 Incorrect Profile Description, Broken Links
CP-PCC-0076 2/4/2010 Observation Request Missing
CP-PCC-0075 10/14/2009 Labor and Delivery Summary Add Sections
CP-PCC-0074 10/14/2009 Labor and Delivery Summary Delete Sections
CP-PCC-0073 10/14/2009 Reason for Visit - LOINC code is incorrect
CP-PCC-0072 9/30/2009 Identifiers element restriction
CP-PCC-0071 9/29/2009 Religious Affiliation